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Be aggressive?

I am taking my own advice on this and well yes being aggressive. The time has come for resigning my lease for another year. I gave my current roommate a couple weeks to decide if she wanted to stay or not. I figure that's more than enough time for a YES or NO answer. I mean I'm not asking for a life sentence...its a year lease that technically doesn't have to be a year if you don't want it to be. If she thinks I need her to live here, she's obviously disilllusioned. I warned her last weekend that I would start the parade of people to see the apartment this week and I am lviing up to my word. I have one appointment on Thursday and probably another on Tuesday or Wednesday. And I am actively looking.. Honestly, if I find someone I like and they are willing to commit....I will have them go to sign the lease with me. I don't have time for wishy washy and I certainly do not desire to move again. If there is one thing I learned from last time, you have to be out for yourself. I am being selfish...taking care of my needs and no one else's.

Another thing.... is paying a bill so hard? Do I have to physically hold the person's hand? I asked a WEEK AND A HALF ago about taking care of the cable bill and I'll do the electric bill....and this was fine. Cable bill is due tomorrow...guess what is STILL SITTING ON THE COUNTER!!? Yes you got it. I asked THREE times this week and was told "i'll take care of it." If it's on the counter tomorrow morning I guess I'll just do it (and get her to pay me back plus postage)...but this is F&^&in ridiculous. Bills are bills...it sucks but you got to pay them.

Sorry to rant but I'm frustrated and hate when people can't take care of their own responsibilities. I'm not asking a lot...I mean I've furnished the whole damn apartment and take care of finances. I'm sick and tired of this....so I'm beginning to wonder if its best I'm looking at the possibility of another person living in the other bedroom.

Oh I have pictures from the weekend:-D
Visiting the "country"
Power Suit
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