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Bridges Runner



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Email to amy regarding a call at work:
> New stupid user award...
> just went on a call in simmons
> the call was for "printer won't power on"
> went up....
> pushed the turn on button thingy
> and guess what?
> it worked!!! who knew? the power button turns the printer on:P
amy's response
lol! was there a spoon in there too? well, at least it was an easy one. better
than a bitchy "I threw my printer at my roommate's head, please fix it (the
printer)" one.
  • Hi

    Hi, was just surfing around looking at stuff and found live journal. I want to set up a journal myself but don't have the user codes etc. I like the way you did your journal and am keen to do my own. I fyou could send me a invitation code it would be appreciated.

    me email is tuckers@eudoramail.com

    Thanks heaps, TODD
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