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Bridges Runner

My racing calendar

My racing calendar

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So now that I'm all running crazy....here's a look at the races I'll be doing in the next few months

Sunday April 4 - 10k in Central Park??
Sunday April 18 - 4 Miler in Central Park
Sunday May 1- 10 Mile Broad Street Run (Philly)
Sunday May 15 - 5k Race for the Cure (Philly)
Wed June 9 - 5k JP Morgan Corporate Challenge
Sunday August 29 - 13 Mile Manhattan Half Marathon
Sunday September 18 - Philadelphia Distance Run (13 miles)

I remember thinking before that I would never run because my parents did it....now I understand how they became addicts. You out there may not...but hey there's something out there for everyone to be an addict;-) I think the part that makes me love it so much is it is my way of having my "me" time for that hour. It's that time in the day where I don't think about any of life's situations, world problems, etc. Everyone has their own mechanism to release from the world and this is mine. It's also my way of keeping the competitive juices flowing. Sometimes I feel like days get monotonous and that can be rather depressing....where you just get in a routine of Same Ole Sh!t Different Day. I guess I'm just continuing to figure myself out...whether that's a good thing or not I'm not really sure.

Anyway, may have some big news soon. Not saying what but hopefully it'll be good. For now I'm off to meet my mom and her friends for dinner in midtown.
  • That is so awesome. Ever since you got that letter saying you could possibly be in the NYC marathon, I've been so excited for you. That's great that running is such an outlet for you... it used to be that way moreso for me than it is now, but I still enjoy. Basketball is my major physical release these days... well it has been all along, but I used to have running as a very comparable release going alongside it. Anyways... good luck on that schedule there!!
    • Thanks! It's nice to know there are people out there supporting my ventures. I'd love to have time for organized sports because that used to be my outlet...but I just don't have the time for that anymore. Plus I'm kinda good at running....its something that I feel I can continue to improve...my motto has always been along the lines of there is always room for improvement. I'm an overachiever...I never have had all the cards but I work to get them...and when I do....well it rocks!
      • Yea, that's probably why I'm more into basketball these days. I've always been far more skilled and able to play it well rather than running. Running is fun and I enjoy it, but there's something about people passing me and me being helpless to stop them... If my body is giving out in a basketball game, I can at least alter the pacing of the game so that I can keep myself ahead of the competition. Anyways, run hard and well!
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