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Bridges Runner

Come one...come all

Come one...come all

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So here we are...April! For goodness sake, where does the time go? Can you believe it? I sure can't! Things have been super duper hectic for me with everything going on. Add a little roommate bonanza on top and you have quite the cocktail;-) So let's see...

I can't believe I haven't talked about the two awesome events I've had in the past couple weeks through Penn State Alumni. First, on March 18th I had a cocktail hour type social with the PSU Board of Trustees and assorted other important PSU alums. See all you that laughed at me donating my time and web expertise....turns out it was worth it:)

From an email sent to a friend:

Last night was AMAZING!!! I was a networking machine...started with 20-25 business cards...came home with 3. I made a lot of great contacts that I really need to follow through on...including the starting linebacker for the NY Giants (PSU grad), Senior executive for Napster, and the head chairperson of the Board of Trustees. Got a lot of comments that I acted older than my age (as in I presume mature and sophisticated:)). Even met a cute guy that lives around the block:)

It felt really good to be all dazzled up for the evening...the skirt made such a difference. Most girls wore pants with their suits....it gave me a good distinction. I even have digital photos because I needed some updated pictures of myself that were professional and to show my parents.

Apparently someone at work met one of my friends at a bar over the weekend. He said that he got her phone number but not the name...but she knew me and lived in Connecticut. NYC is really not as big as one may think.

The other event was on March 31st at the Lincoln Center (Alice Tully Hall). Penn State held a concert to show off its musical talent. Let me just say that these kids were good...really good. I was in awe that they are only students!

So yeah Penn State rules...not that we didn't know that as it is:)

This weekend in a nutshell:
bar down in the village with friends, sign lease???, PSU alumni stuff, run 10k, set the clocks forward, and start enjoying my tax refund:)
  • Short's not going to be starting beyond this year, maybe not even through that. He's not a good player.
    • never said he was a great player but he's a really cool guy. he said he's going to be traded anyway:) so you don't have to worry about him playing in NY.
  • hows the cute guy that lives around the corner from you ;-)?
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