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Everytime I come back to my parents house...the weirder it feels. It's a good thing though...I feel like things are moving forward in a positive way. I'm getting a little sedimental about the fact that my parents are moving in June. This is the only house I ever knew before moving to NYC. This afternoon we stopped by the "new" house...they're already putting the siding up on the house. It's crazy...the last time I saw it, there was only a sign saying it was our lot!! I guess in 2+ months a lot can happen. The new house looks awesome and I'm really happy for them. The "old" house has been sold or pretty much has....just the final things need to be done. Crazy, crazy stuff.

Speaking of living situations...my own situation is pretty much solidified for another year. I found a cool roommate (or man do I hope so!!) and we've started the lease signing process. Should finalize this coming week. And as far as living situations go, sit down for this one...I mean REALLY SIT DOWN..I've started to ponder the idea of (ok really sit down now)...buying. Before you go screaming WTF, you can't do that....yeah you can and it makes sense. Tax deductable and it actually could be less than the current rent. It's really only a thought in the back of my mind at this point...probably more of a reality next year. Next year it probably will make a lot more sense as my guess is my salary will be a lot more capable of it.

My reasonings: I think by next year I will be done with roommate nonsense. After the past few months, I'm ready to be done with it. It's a shame because the first one was a good one. I can't stand people like my current roommate. What can't I stand? Lack of common sense. So if you do something that is flakey or not all there we'll just call it a TIMMAAAAY! (name of roommate protected) moment. This girl probably could not find her way out of a paper bag...or as a friend says "how did she get this far without accidentally drinking poison?" Case in point: Not understanding how to pay a bill. Not understanding that when you bring people in to see the apartment, you're looking at having one of them to sign the lease. Not a newsflash people. Another annoying feature is getting upset about paying bills. I even accommodated a bit by getting rid of some of the premiums yet still get the "are you sure we don't have satillite? I think we're paying more." Maybe I'm a bad roommate...I don't know. I guess I like things structured and organized. I'm not a neat freak by any stretch but just keep things organized. All I'm looking for: keep the common areas clean and pay the bills on time. At least if I live on my own I know that's possible...because I'll have no one to blame but myself if things aren't done. Sorry for the rant but its annoying.

I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend at the folks. Running tomorrow for the first time since Sunday! It sucks to be sick all week.

Well time to get a good night's rest for a nice 8-9 mile run in the AM:0)

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