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Apprentice junkie...

Yes I admit it!

But YAY for Bill winning:0) He's a marathon runner too:) And I can appreciate overseeing a project like a new building...considering that's part of what I do...at least for the Telecom part:) So yeah Bill...hire us! I lost a lot of respect for Kwame when he said that he was divorced and that he was happy because he could continue to be a skirt chaser. While yes many guys may think that, don't you think its stupid to blurt it out on national tv? Just a thought...

and not shocked with apprentice 2 including major corporations this time...and no shock at some of the ones they showed that will be included on the tasks. and this includes ones that several of my loyal readers currently are employed by...you know who you are;-)

Bad news to you PSU people...not going back next weekend...just too much and dealing with finding somewhere to stay...etc. I do love you all....so come see me in the big city...I'll probably have a lot of room for a few weeks:0) Roommate #2 moving out in May....I swear I don't drive 'em out...they do it on their own (I have references:p). Really....I mean it!

OK, off to bed...

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