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Catch me if you can

It's been a busy few days. Let's see....big thing is I got my 10 mile training run and felt great. I totally felt like I could have run longer which is a great sign. Good thing too since my 10 mile race is next weekend. This weekend I have a tune-up 4 miler...piece of cake. How funny that feels to say that now...but hey it really is:) I also had a PR in the 5k this weekend on my own in the park....I decided to do a "speed" workout. I use "speed" because I'm definitely not one for sprinting. However, I've gotten my 5k PR to ~24 mins (maybe a few seconds under). Definite improvement since my first 5K back aways in February. Considering I probably take twice as many steps as some people not too shabby;-)

Lease is SIGNED, SEALED, AND DELIVERED! And current roommate is a flake. She didn't take the place after that whole ordeal (and she also went through the credit check) so she's back to nowhere to live:p

Half priced margaritas are great^_^ Especially when you are getting to know your new roommate...great way to get some good details on what's going on:) See...alcohol can be good... Also, there's been discussions of a housewarming party when she moves in, so stay tuned and keep your calendars open!!

Bought some nice spring clothes last weekend....skirts and stuff:) Yay for skirt season being back! I am so sick of wearing black pants and sweaters, etc.

Finally got the first company softball game in. It's going to be a lot of fun. The guys are great and it helps when you win your first game 17-1;-) Not to mention leaving work at 4:45PM:0)

Going to see Little Shop of Horrors today on Broadway...so that should be fun!! Also have tickets for my birthday for Avenue Q...woohoo!

This week's only in NYC:
On Thursday two people (one guy and one transgender female) were in a tree for 4 hours....umm yeah...read

And this is just sad:

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