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Running Around

Chaos. Busy. That is my life right now. It's amazing what happens when the sun comes out again and the weather becomes nice again. It's like everyone comes out from hibernation and suddenly wants to do stuff:p It's cool just tiring being so social;)

I'm trying to remember when the last time I even wrote anything. Oh yes...my ipod was shipped today so I should be back in ipod mini heaven tomorrow night:-D Thank goodness...and now I even have a remote control...:) I have been going through such withdrawal without that thing!

Last weekend was fun. Checked out the SoHo Stroll...lots of sales and free food, drinks. Witnessed more evidence that my current roommate is a douche. She came with me downtown and we went to a little cafe for lunch. We were getting ready to leave and she was putting her water bottle back in her bag. She stands up and water starts dripping from the bottom of her bag. Turns out she didn't put the cap on her water bottle and just threw the bottle in minus the cap. Needless to say everything was soaked to the bone, including her cell phone. No surprise that her phone was a goner. I actually felt really bad because honestly that does suck. So later that night I get a call from a friend and he has an extra ticket for the dress rehearsal of SNL!! Now this rocks because it is almost impossible to get tickets for this. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were the hosts...i'm sorry but I still see them as the full house girls. I actually enjoyed the dress rehearsal because this allowed for extra skits since it was two hours as opposed to one and a half hours. I need to try and get tix next year.

Sunday I had to go into work to help finish a proposal. I took the unorthodox way of doing this...I quite literally ran to work via Central Park (~4 miles). Boss treated me to brunch at Bryant Park Grill since I came in on a Sunday. So very good...I had a seafood omlet (lobster, shrimp, spinach)...muffins...potatos...mimosa! After finishing I ran home from work...so I still got my 7 mile run in....just in pieces.

Other exciting news...oh yeah. I may have a new guy in my life:) I've seen him a few times in the past week and a half. Things are going pretty well and hopefully continue that way. I met up with him last night after my alumni meeting and ended up getting home around midnight;) So yeah...

This week is busy. Now I'm off to my race downtown!

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