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The Apple Story...

So as promised...the story of the ipod....

It all started May 7th...that's when I turned my ipod on and it gave me static. First thing I did was shut it off and turn it back on hoping it was not what I thought it was. Unfortunately, I turned it back on and the static was still there:( Called Apple immediately and set up a repair ticket...the next day a box arrived for me to send my ipod back:( Pack it up and drop it off to send back. No problem..they paid for shipping and what not...

Skip ahead...I check the status report and it says May 17th as being shipped. So I get excited.
Tuesday May 18th I come home from my race downtown and see a slip on the door that Fed Ex tried to deliver my package. I notice it says it is being held at the facility and it was open until 9:30. So at first I'm thinking...oh I'll go during lunch the next day to pick it up...but then after some convincing...not to mention my nerdom...I decide "hey why not pick it up tonight." Although those of you that have ipods out there or an mp3 player....must know the withdrawal that occurs when without it. Perhaps it's something else for those of you that are not city dwellers...but for me it's piece of mind. A) I NEED it to "commute" and walk around. I need something to get me away from the hustle and bustle.... It's not to say I don't enjoy it but it's nice to get away for a few moments. Ipod=happy place. B) Marathon training. If I am to do this, I need something to get me to that happy place. Not to say I can't run without it, because I can now. But it just makes it so effortless. It's scary how much I enjoy it now...

Anyway...back to the ipod saga. So since it's getting late and the Fed Ex station is way on the west side in a deserted area...of which I'm not so sure about just wandering...I decide to take a cab. So the beginning of our saga....13 bucks to cab it. I figure fine because shortly I will have the delight of my ipod back in my hands. Head into the station with my doortag and ID. Proudly I head to the counter with my tag and show the guy my ID. So the Fed Ex man goes into his computer and goes "I'm sorry miss but it says this is an apple product. We cannot give you your package here. It must be delivered by orders of Apple." So I figure this is some kind of sick joke and that he is full of crap. I tell him that he must have wrong instructions and I'll just call Apple to get the OK to get my package that is rightfully mine. I step to the side and pull out the cell. 10 minutes later I finally get a human at Apple to discuss my situation. I explain the fact that I've worked allllllll day and have been waiting 10+ days to get my ipod back and now I'm being told I can't have it. The Apple person then tells me that due to security and safety concerns Apple will not allow customers to pick up packages at the delviery centers. It must be delivered the address given at the time of repair or order. At which point I inform him that I work all day and it was 99% chance I would not be home for the delivery. That is why I'm here and I don't understand why I can't prove I am me. He then says "well we'll try to deliver it a couple more times." I then say "then what?". At which point he says well it would get sent back. I then ask "can i get it rerouted to my workplace since I know I will be there." And of course that's a no...it would have to get sent back to Apple and then sent to the new address. He then says "well can't a neighbor pick it up? You could always say to deliver two doors down." I question that...if you're concerned about the customer receiving a package why would it be ok to have a neighbor get it? Resigned to the fact taht I couldn't get my ipod tonight I headed home. I decided "OK I'll just try and leave a note for the super."

Wednesday: That morning I leave the doortag and a note on the door downstairs saying to deliver to super. I head to work with thoughts of pink mini in my head. 5:30 comes and I'm psyched...it's my one free night of the week and I was getting pink mini back! I get home and before I even get to the door I see a white tag....and think "shiiiiiiiiiiit." I knew something was up...and sure enough "super not home." My thoughts were unhappy at that point. Because I notice it says final delivery attempt and now I think that ipod is heading the wrong way before it comes home:( So its time to bring out the cell again and call Apple to find out what to do. I get a lady named Monica. I explain to her the situation that I got my ipod repaired and I'm having trouble receiving it now. That I tried to have it delivered ot the super and this was the final time. I ask what to do because I really don't want to have to wait another week. She then tells me to hold and she'll call Fed Ex to see if I can get the package. A few minutes later she comes back and says it's ok for me to pick up my package at the station. I ask if she's positive because it's a pain for me to get to. Let's keep a time count here..it's about 6PM at this point and I'm leaving my apartment. I take the subway since it's light out....and I have an apple to hold me over thinking it won't be that long. Oh how wrong I was. So I get to Times Square and sprint to the delivery center (at this point I'm even pondering a small run). Get to the counter and it's the same guy from yesterday. He asks me why I'm here and I explain I spoke to someone from apple and that they spoke to Fed Ex. I give himt he door tags. He says "i'm sorry miss but I don't see anything that will let me release the package." At this point I'm starting to get a little angry. I can't get my f*&* package and it's right in the building. You have any idea how annoying this is? So now it's time for apple call #2 of the night. Let's keep in mind I have to use my cell phone and these are "peak" minutes. A few moments go by and after getting bounced around I'm put through to a customer relations guy, Gilbert. Yes, that's right...Gilbert. I explain to him my frustrations and that I understand your policy but I was told by a rep at Apple that I could pick it up. If she had told me no, I wouldn't have bothered to waste my time. He says "well I dunno if I can do anything." I then say to read the case number report...and he sees that I have spoken to Monica and she said it was ok. At this point he says I can see what I can do by calling Fed Ex. So he puts me on hold again and goes to call Fed Ex. A few moments later he says that Fed Ex gave him a control number which basically holds the package at the shipping center. This time I get Gilbert's extension so if there were any problems I could call back. I get in line again and have wasted about 50 minutes of cell minutes at this point. Get to the front of the line finally and the guy goes "you again?". I say I talked to Apple and have a control number. He then looks in his computer and says that there is no record of a control number. I'm starting to get really pissed off at this point. I've been lied to a number of times and no one is doing jack shit to help. So this time I ask to speak to the supervisor at the station. He comes out and has a paper from Apple. He explains that there are like two people in the country that handle requests for picking up deliveries at the station. So he gives me the number and naturally I have to use my cell (it's not quite 9 yet). I call this "special" number and get some lady...I explain to her that I had been told on two separate occasions today that I would be able to pick up my ipod and nothing is happening. I give her my case number figuring Gilbert wrote something in there. Much to my anger he wrote "customer understands she cannot pick up package." Nothing about calling Fed Ex for a control number nor his intention to "help" out. So I ask her to do soemthing for me and speak with the manager on duty. So the manager speaks to the apple girl and nothing gets ressolved. He gives me back the phone and I argue some more to no avail. This time she hangs up on me and I get back to the automated menu. At this point I'm hungry, really pissed, and no one is helping me whatsoever. Now it is no fault of the manager but I at this point start to unleash hell. (Note: There were about 5 others that were having difficulties with picking up packages as well) I begin to explain I've been lied to and no one is doing a gosh darn thing to help. I don't understand why having an ID with my address wasn't enough and that this is abysmal service. He listens through one ear and out the other. So by now it's a little after 9 and I've wasted an entire night for nothing. After finishing a tirade and still feeling angry...I figure there's no use as the place closed at 9:30 and it was quite apparent no one was going to do shit. I start walking home and feeling quite pissed when my cell rings. Guess who...Gilbert. He calls to see if my problem was rectified. I explain that no one has done shit and that I'm beyond anger at this point. I don't know what to do and I want my ipod. I explain that not only do I want my ipod but I want compensation for the amount of time and money wasted (cab ride, about 2 hours of cell minutes, and cab rides). Gilbert explains that he is working out everything he can to get my ipod and that we'll discuss compensation once pink mini is back. However, he said first I could go back to the station if I was close and he would speak to the manager. So I do so and of course I get there and asshole guy says the manager is "busy." So I hold on my cell before finally he comes back. He speaks to Gilbert and I get the phone back...it is now 9:15. He says "I have good and bad news." At this point I know it's time to walk back cause aint no way I'm getting the ipod tonight. He explains that there are only two people that can do the process of releasing a package and that they are 9-5 workers. WTF!?! He explains that he will get the process going and I should be able to pick up my mini at lunchtime the next day (I choose this rather than reroute to work because I had a weird feelign that it would end up in Atlanta or something). So I tell him that's fine and I will call Fed Ex before I go to verify that the mini is available for pick up. He says he will call me regardless at 12:30 to make sure everything is on track. I hang up and head home...sucks but at least maybe a resolution? I get home at 10....so much for a free night.

Thursday: I head to work and enthuastic for lunch. Around 11:30 I call Fed Ex and they say nothing has come through and I can't pick up my package. So shiiiiiiiiiiit. I tell them that i want to speak to the manager and of course "i'm sorry but she's out of the office and won'te be in till 1 or 2." I explain my only time to pick it up is lunch. So I give them my work phone for the manager to call. 12:30 comes and Gilbert calls. I explain that jack shit has happened and I still do not have an ipod. I"m getting pretty angry and pissed. He says the "paperwork" is in motion and I should be able to get it either sometime later today or tomrorow. Man does this sound familar! So feeling resigned that I will not get my ipod I hang up. Work happens. Around 4 I check my voice messages and Fed Ex says "you can pick up your package." Feeling that I've heard this before I call Fed Ex again....to verify. Indeed it is in the computer and I can pick up the ipod if I have govt issued ID. I say "are you absolutely sure? I've done this twice before already" They say yes and I say "willing to bet on it" and she says yes. So at this point I hang up and call Gilbert and get his voicemail. I tell him Fed Ex says I can pick up my package and to call me back to verify on this. At this point I head to the station because I've got a bunch of stuff planned for the evening. This time I get to the station and the same ass is there. There is one lady finishing up ahead of me...so I wait. She finishes and I step to the counter...he tells mea t that point "miss step behind the sign until you are called upon." What a fucking ass! Oh wow you're so powerful now. Finally he says to step forward and gets my package...and I hand him my ID. He flips it around like I'm carrying a fake and I eyeball him back...as if to say "see I told you I would win." He gives me a box and I sign the delivery line. It is 5:15 on Thursday. I take the box to the side and immediately open it...of course to verify that I got my ipod! I open it up and there sits my brand new shiny pink mini:-D It wasn't easy but I got it back!!!!! I call Gilbert at this time to tell him that I got my mini back and we'd speak soon. He did call me back that night but I didn't hear it ring...so I'll call him later this week when he's back in the office to discuss compensation.

So if you read this...what should Apple give me for this whole ordeal? I'm not sure if I missed details but I think I got most of 'em....

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