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More disapproval of Bush

By now everyone has heard about the latest warnings being spread out of DC...but in case you didn't go here:

Anyway, I'm sure there is a risk of an attack, but is it really that much different than yesterday? My take on this is it is a way for this administration to put another "scare" tactic on the American people to allow them to push their agenda. This time we're not being inudated with his silly rainbow color alert. As for their agenda...one need not look further than what has taken place around the world in the past 4 years. Yes, it has been 4 years...even though it really feels like a lot longer! I just don't trust them at all...and just take a look at the "war on terror." They've been telling us how successful it is, but lets take a look at some numbers. The number of Al Qaeda members has risen to over 18,000 and this does nto include other groups. It is actually more than pre-9/11 levels. I thought all these new offices (Homeland Security) and wars were supposed to make things safer? Where is bin laden? Is it me or has this been completely forgotten?

Anyway, the issue at hand. Another thought of mine is how convienent it is to bring this up now. He had a press conference last night to talk to the American people about Iraq (we don't even need to go there). Now, he wants to tell us this. Talk about desparation time. One thing that I am not looking forward to is come August when the Republican convention comes to town. What a nightmare it will make it to get around! I wish Bush and his cronies would take their act elsewhere. I'm sick and tired of him...and can't wait for November 2...I've got my voter registration card ready.

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