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From Broadway to the Capitol

This is being brought to you (via delay due to no internet connection on the train) from an Amtrak train. I figured out why I need more money and a car…I can’t stand dealing with certain people. This is my freakin’ day off and I’m already getting angry. Already from dealing with the train, I had some angry guy scream at me because he got in the way of my suitcase. OK, if I have my suitcase on wheels you should know not to get right in back of me. Then there’s the people that think getting on the train is the last thing in life…honestly nothing will happen if you wait a minute or two. And now I have some obnoxious people behind me that are eating louder than the cicadas@_@

Anyway, last weekend I met up with NYC roommate #1 (is it bad that I have to label them this way?). She had invited me to attend a function she had organized through work to see RENT on Broadway. It was good to see her and she seems to be doing well with her new job. RENT was awesome….I enjoyed that it wasn’t the same mainstream stuff that most shows are. It had social commentary but I found it not to be too in your face. Ate in Little Italy after the show…can’t remember the place but it really was not note worthy.

Finally caught up with NYC roommate #3 on Thursday night so that she could settle security deposit with #2 and we also could celebrate her birthday! Again I get to deal with someone that is older than me..yay! I’m so used to being the elder that it’s kind of nice…lol. Ended up going out to the Mexican place and getting drinks. I was just going to get a small margarita since I hadn’t really eaten due to a hellish day at work. Ended up getting the gargantuan version of a margarita which made for an interesting effect. We had a good time and I ended up getting pretty toasted. Whoops! Found out that she has dealings with a girl that has the same name as #2 and also has issues. I still need to get her a small present…need to think! Anyway, when I got home I also had my last dealings with #2. I think the good part of this was I was pretty drunk and really don’t remember any of it. I told her to leave the keys for me and she tried to pull the “well I don’t know if I can do that…and I said you will.” Would you believe she actually wanted me to schlep to her new place to pick up MY KEYS?! What have I learned from this girl? I think I’ve learned that people can be pretty incompetent…and how they make it this far I do not know.

Friday I left for DC I was able to pull it off…so that I could go down for work since one of my projects involves being down there for that pretty important building that holds the Legislative branch. I think you can figure it out! So since I had to be down there Friday during working hours, I had a 6:30AM train to catch so yeah I was up at 5AM. Not that its that much earlier but it certainly sucks when you go to bed at 11:30 the night before. Got to DC around 10:20 and headed to get fingerprinted. Was done by 11:30am so I called the coolest roomie in the world, kenkomachi. She gave me directions on the METRO to get to where she was in suburbia Virginia (aka soccer mom land as she refers to it). This was a piece of cake for me after dealing with NYC subways…3 lines as opposed to 20 or whatever it is! That night ended up meeting up with Brian from PSU for dinner at Georgetown for Old Glory. That place has the best BBQ I’ve had in the East. I can’t speak for the south but this place is damn good. It was cool to catch up with him since I hadn’t seen him since last August?! I know I know…I’m a horrible friend…I really need to work on the communication in person thing. It’s just hard with pretty much no vacation time. Anyway, Saturday ended up going to Baltimore to go to some crab place called O’Bryckes for one of kenkomachi’s b/f’s friends birthdays. Now let me tell you this…she’s from NYC and knows nothing about Baltimore but chose Baltimore anyway. This in addition to the fact that no one is from Baltimore…either NYC or DC. I don’t know. Then add to the fact that we parked by the harbor assuming the restaurant was by the harbor…a pretty good thought one would think. However, ended up walking 15 blocks which included the “ghetto” portion of Baltimore. I’ve been through that area once and don’t plan to again Food was decent and had a crabcake. Yay I couldn’t really relate to the people there…they all graduated from CMU and had less common sense combined than I do I think. After dinner it took them an hour to figure out to go to the harbor to walk around. I’m sorry but it really isn’t that difficult. Hopefully I wasn’t too obvious as to how annoyed I was…but oh well. It was fun for the most part. After that we headed back to suburbia and hung out kenkomachi’s b/f’s apartment. Played some DDR which I am now addicted to. Sunday ended up doing some shopping at Tyson’s Corner…DC area’s answer to King of Prussia. For me, it was nice because obviously there are no malls in NYC. No, Manhattan Mall does not count. Bought a few things. Also made a stop at Target…man I miss that store. Met up with kenkomachi’s parents for dinner that night at a really nice place called Mrs. K’s TollHouse. Apparently every first lady but one had eaten there. I couldn’t believe they took me there. I felt bad that I hadn’t dressed nicer but at least I looked pretty decent for casual. See NYC has taught me well…look somewhat nice everyday because you never know where you’ll end up. Had Halibut for dinner….and crème broulee for dessert Ended up staying up till 2:30AM…just like old times. And here I am on the train heading back to the big town.

Oh and my boy jinx continues. Blah. Annoying as all hell but alas I avoided a very messy and complicated situation at least. So yeah…I’m back in the “game” again.

Next (this) weekend is Cape Cod, next week is corporate challenge, following weekend 10K race, June 16=lottery results for the marathon, birthdays for some peeps, Father’s Day/parents move.very hectic month ahead.

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