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One Year!

Happy one year anniversary of my apartment in NYC:-D Here's to another wonderful 365 days!

Some noteable things from the past year in NYC:

  1. Signing the lease...my first place!

  2. Actually moving to NYC....holy crap!

  3. First day in the working world

  4. finally seeing fireworks in DC!

  5. Robbery/bomb scare near my office

  6. Blackout 2003....holy hotness!

  7. Almost on tv for a makeover!

  8. Housewarming party almost 4 months into the lease;-)

  9. The almost hurricane

  10. the weird phases of figuring out this adult thing

  11. Roommate #1 and #2...while one was great, the other well...yeah

  12. Winter in NYC...cold, snowy, and dramatic!

  13. the beginnings of training for NYC 2004!

  14. PSU Alumni Society...meeting the trustees!

  15. Ipod!

  16. And more....just the tip of the iceberg here....can't wait for round 2!


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