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Race #1 of the week report

Last night I did the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Central Park. Naturally it's the worst conditions possible to run in...hazy, hot and humid...bad enough that it's like that but add in the fact that it is the first terrible weather of the year.. Anyway, we had a good turnout from my company F+K. About 35 people participated from our office...which is decent considering we only have about 150-170 total people. The one thing that sucked is having to wear the company shirt...talk about FUGLY...red and black where the red is the focal point! Damn company colors:P It also is cotton which sucks...dry fit shirts are where its at;) Anyway, after work we all hit the subway to head uptown to Central Park. Nothing like a bunch of red shirts going somewhere all at the same time. I felt like I was back in grade school with the buddy system! One saving grace is that since there were about 20,000 people doing the race...there were many other groups sticking out like sore thumbs! Good times tho:)

Got to the park and took some pictures...better to have pre-race than post right? Especially since it was so nasty. Decided against running with headphones since there were a zillion people and not the running group...as far as knowing proper etiquette.

Pet peeve: People that start in the front and have no intention of running fast. It is dangerous to do this...as within the first mile most were walking and almost trip a ton of people. The first mile was an obstacle course and probably slowed my time a lot. I think I did about an 8 minute mile the first mile...which is ok but I really was shooting for 7...which just was not possible trying to avoid the masses.

By mile 2, it started to loosen up and I could start to speed up. I was passing people left and right...Goldman Sachs, Booz Allen, JP Morgan....eat my dust;) hehe! It was nasty out tho...running in soup really. The last mile and a half was good...I think I was sub 7 for the last mile...that's how I made up my time. Finished in about 25:50...which calculates to a 7:20min mile pace. Not too shabby considering the conditions. I was about a minute per mile off placing in the top 5 for women. Watch out next year...I think I definitely can place if I continue to train as I am:) I finished second in my company...one guy finished ahead of me that has been training for triathlons. Not too bad! I ran into a guy that works for AON, Harvard grad, my age, lives near me but naturally I meet him at an inopportune time! I was close to getting digits but someone from my company interrupted and he walked away;_; Oh well.

Pictures can be seen here: http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4286595495

After the race we went to dinner at a mexican restuarant on the UES. Tis was fun. Ended up eating too many chips and ate two bites of dinner. The guacomole was awesome...they brought out huge tubs of it...and it was fresh:) Had a maragarita..nothing like a margarita after a race;) Got home around 11...and passed out from exhaustion!

Good time overall. Met some really cool people in my company and another way to get my face out there. Didn't realize it but a lot of people know who I am now. Hopefully this is a good thing!
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