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Bridges Runner

Confidence is...

Confidence is...

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...an art. It's interesting how much this city has taught me...but now I'm realizing just getting into the running has helped me tremendously. I mean I thought so before but today while I was running with my running buddy she even commented on how much more of a confident person I've become. I guess I just needed something to get my juices flowing again. Going to work day in and day out takes its toll...I needed something fresh and exciting. I feel confidence on all ends of the spectrum. I mean I feel confident about getting better at running but also in the scheme of life. I definitely feel more confident about finding that someone out there....as is evident of strking up conversations with random people the past few weeks. I mean I need to follow through more but hey I'm getting there! It's good to know that people notice that I'm more confident and getting myself out there. That's a huge step towards success in my book.
  • Hooray! That's awesome. Run with it (much pun intended).
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