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3 more days

Another weekend in the books. Dammit where do the days go. A good weekend nonetheless. Friday I took my rollerblades out for the first time all year:) No running because I had a race on Saturday morning. NOTE TO SELF: Don't do 2 races in one week!! Saturday morning met up with Susan...my running buddy for the race. Race started all the way by Columbus Circle which was a pain to get to. It was the Circle of Friends NY mini 10K. Decided to enter it since Susan wanted to do her first race of the season. Idiot me forgot the corporate challenge was the same week. The race was pretty cool though...it was an all female race including some of the top runners in the country! My goal was to do about 50 minutes...i figured this is slower than what I could do but a good base to go from. This was my first 10K race since my running blitz began. The race went well...except I have issues with starting out too slow and then giving it alll at the end. My 5k split was 26 mins which is pretty shitty...I think when I saw that it was my indication to pick it up! I started leaving people in the dust at that point. When I hit mile marker 5 I knew it was time to let it all out. Not an all out sprint but I definitely put in a 7:15ish mile....which helped me finish in 50 mins:-D I finished 438th overall...3383 women participated. Not too bad. After the race headed home to shower and change quickly to go sailing on the Hudson River:-D Went with people from work as one of the vendors had a sailboat. It was a ton of fun and I even wore sunscreen...however missed a spot on my arm:( OUCH! I did get to steer the boat though:-D
Today I woke up and did 5 miles. Wanted to do a recovery run:P I'm at about 200 miles run since I started keeping my training journal! I find out on Wednesday at 4PM EST whether I get in the NYC Marathon. Talk about insanity. I really hope I get in...I figure its the only lottery I can win. That's my motto:) I also ended up going into work for 3 hours because the VPN connection wasn't working right. Today happened to be the Puerto Rican Day parade which was a bit annoying. Think seinfeld episode.
Oh and before i forget happy birthday to those celebrating birthdays this week....that would make three of you and you know who you are;-)
Finally I have a gmail account (Google email with 1000 megs)....which entitles me to 3 invitations. Want one? Why should you get one?:)

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