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Bridges Runner

NYC Marathon 2004 Lottery Results...

NYC Marathon 2004 Lottery Results...

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And now the moment you've been waiting for...or maybe not..

Did I make it?



I'll see you November 7, 2004 on the streets of NYC as I conquer the 5 boroughs! Bring it on 26.2 miles:0)

    Way to go lis! I'll be sure to watch, so you'd better not quit on me! :D
  • Hell yea! Congrats!!
  • yayYYY!!! \(^_^)/
  • Go you!

    Have fun and good luck!!!
  • Thanks everyone for your well wishes! I'm sure you'll be hearing about my training experiences over the next few months:0) Last night I did a 4 mile run and it was the easiest 4 miles I've run EVER;-)
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