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Bridges Runner

Rockin' and Rollin'

Rockin' and Rollin'

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So life is good. Definitely up'd the running. Over 100 miles run this month alone compared to a measly 60 last month;0) Next week begins my build-up to the marathon..aka my actual schedule to follow. I'm planning on doing this one: http://www.ingnycmarathon.org/training/schedulecasual_print.html in case you're wondering. So pretty much here on in...if I don't want to do something too late on a weekend....it's probably due to a very long run the next day. It's not personal, it's just running:0) 18 weeks to go!!!

Had my long run on Sunday this week. Since there was a gay pride parade on 5th and the triathlon in the park...had to improvise a route. Ended up running the path along the east river and doing some ins and outs to create a 7 mile run to Jamba Juice on 42nd:0) Jamba Juice makes awesome smoothies....which was a great treat after a hard run. Ended up walking home after the run as well.

Saw Terminal and 9/11. Terminal was ok...kinda got long winded in my mind. 9/11 was well interesting. Honestly, as most people feel, Michael Moore gets on my nerves sometimes. However, there were waaaay too many things that are shady for him to just "make up." My main problem is the way the "right" is yelling and screaming about it yet they have done this for years. Hello Clinton years. They spent the most money in HISTORY to investigate nothing to do with national security. I could get into it but everyone knows where I stand about Bush...no more of his shananigans please. I'll elect a brick over him...

New roomie moves in tomorrow. She's an absolute dream compared to #2. FYI: #2 still has not paid me back for May electricity. She's getting to the phase where if she continues to try and f*(k with me...it'll get ugly. Enough already...be a grown up and be responsible for once. New roomie is the opposite...she stopped by to make sure I had the rent check for July from her and even took the envelope to mail it on her way out! WOOHOO! She's moving in tomorrow while I'm at work...and even told me that she'd wait to decorate the living room and kitchen because she wants MY opinion as well! Wow:0) I'm actually looking forward to her moving in...it'll be nice to have a roomie again. She's coming from a bad situation as well...it got so bad that she made sure she sold anything that was hers and not needed (since i own) on Craigslist. She left her roomies with NOTHING in the living room. Plans are for drinks Friday after I'm done work. Half day Fridays have begun!

This weekend will be fun! Got a couple friends coming in to celebrate the 4th with me. Although I have to wonder if they plan on seeing fireworks..everyone knows my "unlucky" streak...yes I saw them last year but it was close;0)

Forgot to mention saw Laura last weekend:0) Glad I got to see her..she's doing well and we're both in awe how fast time has gone by. Crazy crazy crazy

Well time to head out...got an alumni mtg tonight...grilled stickies being served too! mmm!
  • (Anonymous)
    how on EARTH do you get from a max of 20 miles in training to 26.2? that's insane :)

    (this coming from the young lass who can't run two minutes on the treadmill without getting stabbing lung pains)

    i am impressed.

    the new place looks great, btw :)


    • insane yes...one needs something to spice things up sometimes:0) It's actually said that running 26.2 miles before the marathon does more harm than good...I still can't believe I'm doing this!
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