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Bridges Runner

Fresh Start Part Tre

Fresh Start Part Tre

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Good things from the week:

  • Roomie #3 moved in. She rocks. The apartment rocks: http://www.picturesitook.com/ebg818/apartment/index.htm

  • Got the check from roomie #2 finally. Was it really so hard?

  • Got a raise.

  • Buildup to NYC Marathon 2004 has begun...18 weeks!

  • 4th of July in NYC..best fireworks.ever.

  • I have a playstation 2 now:0) Yay DDR!!

  • Shopping at Century 21...yay!

  • 'Rents sent me new dry fit running shirts in the mail to help me out with my training:0)

  • Maggie stopping by for a surprise visit

  • Oh Lis... You, me, DDR, anytime, anywhere.
  • Put me in for that too! :)

    (Yay for Dave being in the states, so I can thief is PS2 when his Game Cube and XBox arrive from Germany :) Kingdom Hearts anyone?)
  • great 4th! thanks again ^_^
  • from old roommate (#1)

    Seeing the place redecorated brings one thing to mind... the song Old apartment by BNL! It looks great!
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