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Run, work, eat, sleep, repeat....

As the title implies, that has pretty much been my life during the week. Hence, the lack of updates. Nothing like being the youngin...the one that works the hardest/most...gets paid the peanuts;0) So yeah work...last week I had 4 projects going out in 2 days. This meant shit loads of overtime. I did not get home before 8 monday-wed...and Friday (usually a half day) ended up working till 6:30:0( Good news is that was the project we had problems with pleasing the architect...this go around smooth sailing (which rocks because I am the CADD coordinator this go around!).

So now an update on the running. Let's see since 10 days ago. I've run A WHOLE lot. However, I had to take 3 days off last week because I pulled a muscle slightly. Anyone that knows about muscle pulls, knows that they can be very nagging if not rested at the beginning. As much as it pained me, I sidelined monday,tues, wed last week. Last Thursday I did the Nike RUn Hit Wonder in Central Park (10K). I paced myself since it was my first run...aka more of a relaxed training run. My plan was to do an 8:30 min mile pace. This would allow me to run but not overtax myself especially since it was 80% humidity or something ridiculous. Ended up running 51:53...8:22 min mile. Honestly it wasn't hard at all for me...which is encouraging. It stinks because I want to be able to run an actual 10k at race pace...my guess is I'd be able to do around 7:30-8 min mile pace. For right now though my eyes are on the prize...November 7, 2004. This past weekend I went to Philly again...its so nice to get out of the city in the summer! Anyway, ran 10.5 miles on Saturday down at the River Drive in Philly. Rain held off which made for a pleasant run. Sunday I did another 8 in the park. Some killer hills thrown in made for a different run! Races for August: August 8th (long training run with NYRR), August 13 (Mile run down 5th Avenue), August 29 (Manhattan Half Marathon). August also means stepping it up...start consistantly having double digit runs on the weekends>_<

While in Philly, ended up catching a game at the Phillies new stadium...Citizens Bank park. It is GORGEOUS! Totally different feel and vibe then the vet! Game was awesome...came within 2 outs of witnessing a no hitter live. The irony of it all is that they brought in a defensive replacement for centerfield and he was the one to blow it! The important part is the Phillies won:)

Ok, and now for some ranting.
The Low Carb craze: RIDICULOUS! When you go to a restaurant, and one of the desserts is low carb cheesecake..oi. This reminds me of the low fat craze in the early 90s. I'm sorry but what needs to be taught is FREAKING MODERATION. It drives me nuts that people treat carbs like the devil. It's a matter of knowing which to eat...fiber is needed and guess where that comes from my friends? yep. Carbs are good...kapeesh.

Bush and the 9/11 report: This is making me nuts too. He was anti-commission for the longest time. Kicking and screaming about an independent council to investigate. Finally after realizing that everyone wanted to investigate this, he claims it as his idea. Next he doesn't want to change anything and the report comes out claiming differently...and yes you guessed right if he is saying what great ideas everything is. This guy is a phoney and will only continue to run things into the ground.

The RNC: The stupid convention is coming next month. They already are rerouting NJ transit to Hoboken..and I get the feeling its going to be a giant headache. The boundary for security is only a couple blocks away from where I work. Hopefully I'll be able to work from home.

Alcohol at ballgames: So fine you want to have some beer at the game. I don't care. HOwever, do I want you drinking 10 minutes before you're going to your car? NO! Well apparently they stop selling alcohol after the 7th inning for most of the stadium, except for those in the "upscale boxes" and the like. Now explain to me how they are different? For one I watched this one guy bring back THREE beers in the ninth inning and proceeded to spill half of one on a kid in front of me. I'm sorry but that disgusts me. If you can't handle no beer for a couple innings, well that is just super sad.

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