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Bridges Runner

Here we go again....

Here we go again....

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Gotta love the times we live in....

Threat threat specifics
So here we go again....everyone getting jittery and wondering....hopefully it turns out to be nothing but needless to say....it puts me, not to mention others, on edge. The very idea that they are listing specific targets...yeesh. The Citigroup Building is above the subway line I take to work....not to mention in the general vacanity of work. Now I'm super glad that the republicans wanted to hold a showcase event in a city that is already on edge...way to go guys! ::shakes head:: I've convinced my boss to let me work from home...and now I may be able to be at my parents house for the week! ROCK ON!

Sign that running is starting to rule my life:
Last night I was out till 2am with Maggie and her crew.....i shoulda known;0) Woke up at 6:15am and met my running buddies at 6:45am for a 9 mile jog in the park. Came home and went back to bed. So worth it for the margaritas:0)

Had an interesting experience with the transportation system this weekend:
Saturday night I went out to Coney Island for a minor league baseball game (Brooklyn Cyclones). So I figure...take the 4,5 down to Union Square....transfer to the Q...voila...Coney Island. First of all I was waiting downstairs for the 4,5 for 10 mins..watch a couple trains on the other side of the platform go by....and ones upstairs too. At that point I'm wondering.... So I head to the midway point and see a transit worker....she's like "there's no trains down there....i guess the tape fell off last night." Which is grand and good but it was 4:45PM....not exactly close to last night! THere were a good amount of people down there too. So catch a 6 train down to Union Sq....transfer to the Q. It was slow...but hey whatever. We get out to Prospect Park....deep into Brookyn....and we just stop at th estation. Sit there for a good 10 mins before the train conductor comes on and says that there is a "sick passenger" and we are waiting for EMTs. Which gets me to wondering....hopefully the person isn't that sick because 10 mins is eternity. Anyway another 10 mins pass and the announcement this time is the train is out of service. So everyone gets off and we wait. A D train comes and that supposedly goes to Coney Island. We get on and apparently it only goes to a stop before COney Island. So we get off again and take the Q the rest of the way. Total trip time: 2 hours.

Earlier that week I had a sick passenger problem too going to work.

Then today I was on the west side. Tried to catch a B or C train to Columbus Circle. Stand there for 10 mins...watch trains go by on the Express track. Finally an announcement..."no train service due to police activity." *sigh*

OK so now I'm reading that they are closing the Holland Tunnel to commercial traffic: http://www.nydailynews.com/front/breaking_news/story/218058p-187571c.html
Should be a true treat to try and get around in a car....ha.

Be safe everyone....and I shall do the same!

Now I'm off....reading and then hitting the sack....doctors appt in the AM:0(
  • running bug!

    You sound just like our postdoc Susan who ran in the Boston Marathon. She runs and runs and runs and meets with her running buddies. Her alternate form of training is ultimate frisbee. With your luck you may want to start running places vs taking the subway. You'll prob get there faster!
  • (Anonymous)
    Funny how the terror warnings and the elevated threat level come out just after the Democratic convention... and now they say the information is not at all recent.

    Funny how that works out, yes indeedy!


    take care, i'm sure you'll be fine!

    • Yeah very funny how that works;0) I said that right away as well. I've read an article about how Bush is using fear as a way to raise his approval ratings. It's pretty sick.

      I also find it funny how they are "appropriating" anti-terror funding...sharing between all the states. Because we all know that Ohio has the same terror threat as Manhattan...riiiiight. Couldn't have anything to do with swing state voting...noooo... New York ranks 49th out of 50 states in per capita homeland security funding. Absolutely ridiculous!
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