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Dog days of Summer or Fall?

Long time no entry again. Seems to fall into a once a week update these days. I guess things are good...nothing great...but nothing bad. Holding status quo. Work has continued to be extremely time consuming during the week as I am getting home at 7-8pm...which kinda sucks because I get up at 5:30-5:45AM. All about priorities my friends...I know I want to train for this marathon so early wakeups will occur:0) Which got me to thinking...3 months from now I will be recovering from my first marathon (November 8). Will I want to do another one? What will my next goal be? Honestly this marathon is to finish it and if I have a decent time great. However, if I do another one, I'd love to qualify for the marathon of all marathons...Boston! Can I do it? I think so...I need to run a 3 hour 40 min marathon to qualify! That's fast! We'll see...first things first....finish the NYC Marathon:0)

As far as running...I did my first 13 mile run this weekend. It felt great....I had no trouble finishing and felt like I could run forever. It helps that the weather reminded me more of fall. It was fantastic weather and I can only hope for the same November 7. Anyway 13 miles....2 laps around the park plus a little more. So now I know I can do the Manhattan half marathon at the end of the month. And to tell you what a good friend/reliable person I am: My running friend had to work at 9am (works at big hospital on UES) so I got up at 5:45am to meet her at 6:30. Something about running 13 miles before most people even step out of bed. How crazy is that?

So work...and the stupid convention. Well now the stupid convention may give me a FULL week off of work. How you may ask. Well instead of having my usual half day friday (which I never get)...I'd work the full friday before, Saturday and Sunday (same day as half marathon). Then the company gives us Mon, Tues, Wed and we take vacation days Thurs/Fri. Not bad right? I'm liking this because I do not even want to be in this city that week. Now I'll have ZERO issues getting to Penn State Friday of Labor Day weekend. Woohoo!

There was a poll of New Yorkers about the convention:
83% said they do not want to be in the city during the convention!
53% said it was due to street closures, security, hassles...
Hmm and Bloomberg continues to say how much money the city is going to make that week....umm yeah...riiiiight

Other news: My roommate is on a vacation from vacation. Must be tough right:p She's in N'Orleans....tough life;0) It's cool though...she's 4985739534 times better than #2.

Another sign I"m getting old: Friend stayed with me Thursday night because he had to fly out of JFK EARLY fri morning. We went out Thurs night and I went to bed at 1...got up at 4:30 to help him get his stuff down to the car service picking him up. I was so bushed by the end of the day that I went to bed at 8PM.

Chinatown is fun:0) Can you really beat 1.20 a pound for seedless grapes when it's 2.99 elsewhere? Yeah thought so.

Fieldtrips during work are cool. I am still amused at the jokes of me being the youngster. Boss asked me if I h ad a note from my parents to go...ha!

Going to be in DC over the next couple weeks surveying one of those famous landmarks. All you DC people...be ready:0)

And now I"m off to that famous park that I seem to call a second home...4 or 5 miles today. We'll see..

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