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An Update on life or something

So I'm not in the mood to work on my current project so I figured why not update this thing. Anyway, life has been life. It's continued to move along. My birthday came and I turned 21 for the 4th time...or 24 for those that want to get specific. I had a decent birthday. I had worked till 8:30 the night before and fortunately had taken the day off for my bday. Boy did that turn out to be a great decision! Ended up seeing Avenue Q on Broadway. If you have not seen this show, you should! Especially for those of you just out of school. Absolutely hilarious:0) Also ate at a restaurant called Becco. Great Italian food. If you go, get the Pasta special...you try 3 different pastas they are cooking that day as well as a salad before. Wine is reasonably priced as well...20 bucks for a full bottle. Not terrible. Dessert sampler wasn't so bad either...Cheesecake, a flan type thing, chocolate cake, a coconut sorbet, and bread pudding. Also saw the one free cab in New York. Apparently there is one cab that drives around the city and gives free rides. Overall a much needed break from work. I was ready to go nuts@_@ Oh and of course thank you all for the birthday wishes:0)

Though work has been rough I did get to go down to DC this past Thursday to survey a building. That was hard work...ended up getting up at 5am...taking the 7am shuttle working all day, dinner, getting home around 11:30. However, I did get to meet up with Amy for dinner:0)It was great to see her and she was so kind as to take me out to dinner for my bday!! We ate at a place called Ebbets Grill (I think that's the name?). Good food and even better dessert...peanut butter pie (so creamy and delicious!). It's times like those that make me miss having the old roomie around. Just makes it all the more important to enjoy those times. Anyway, thanks again for everything:0)

Olympics mania! That stuff has me glued to the TV. I can't help it. It's just very entertaining to watch things that are never shown except for every four years! For example, yesterday they showed the women's marathon LIVE. This marathon was all the more impressive...it was made to follow the same course as the original marathon. Which also meant a deathly course. Something like an incline for 7-8 miles@_@ And we're not talking small...that and add 90 degree humid heat....whew. Very exciting race with the American Deena Kastor taking the bronze after being in 18th place after mile 20! Apparently she had a game plan:) Paula Ratkliffe, the British phenom, ended up stopping and quitting the race at mile 23 because she just had no gas left. Her inexperience is what killed her...I felt really bad though because Britain had put so much pressure on her to win. The winner? A 4'11" 80lb Japanese girl...how crazy.

And this week's NYC has helped me kick some ass:
My mom had bought a camera from one of those electronic ripoff stores after I had left for the evening. Turns out they ripped her off and overcharged by at least 50 bucks. So I told her to give me the camera back and I will take care of it. Yesterday I walked into the store while there were several customers there mind you. They told me to sit and wait for the manager. So I did and when they asked me why I wanted to return it I said we decided we didn't want it anymore. I had a receipt and nothing had been opened. At that point they told me I could only exchange it for something else. I told them I was not interested and just wanted my money back. When it became apparent they were not going to do this the easy way, I started to talk louder so that everyone in the store could hear me (including customers). I started talking about how they were theives and ripped off a customer. At that point 3 or 4 people walked out of the store@_@ He then tells me he doesn't understand why its a big deal and that he didn't overcharge. So I begin talking VERY LOUDLY and more people leave. This goes on for about 20 minutes and I probably helped them lose potential customers, the morons realize I am not leaving. He tries to tell me to come back today to speak to the manager and I said HELL NO...I am getting my money back today. One of the "spectators" finally had enough brains to realize that they were losing way more by fighting with me then just giving me what I'm entitled to. Low and behold I walk out with my money in hand...and they had at least 15-20 people walk out while I was there. See? NYC can really help you with getting even!

Yesterday I had my first 15 mile adventure. I can't believe I can say I ran 15 miles!! It's crazy but awesome. Looking back I'd say the first loop was a lot harder than the second loop. I think it was more of my brain saying why the heck are you doing this? I don't want to do this...yadda yadda yadda. The second loop I got in a groove and felt really good. By the end my legs got a little jelloish but I didn't feel that horrible. The weather also happened to be perfect. One could only hope for similar type weather next weekend for the half marathon and in November for the big one! What makes this all the more impressive is I did this all by my lonesome. My running buddy is in California. Thank you Ipod! Thank you!

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