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Bridges Runner

Freakin' Frances

Freakin' Frances

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That was my morning
  • How're your grandparents after the storm?
    • Fortunately they are OK! Trees got knocked down and stuff like that:p They didn't have electricity back until last night. Now hopefully ivan goes back to sea...enough hurricanes already!
  • I just find it odd . . .

    I find it odd that when something as simple as unusual weather can turn such a small area into and entire mess. Almost as if it isn't always worth it to compact so many things into such a small space. Not like a LA commute is that wonderful either but damn.
    • Re: I just find it odd . . .

      problem was that it fell 3 inches in such a short amount of time right at rush hour. The chances of that are ridiculous. It's more ironic that this occurred a week after the convention week:p Many I've spoken to have said it is the worst commute they've ever experienced. Honestly, I had never seen it rain so hard in my life! Everything in a small place has its ups and downs...
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