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1/2 marathon #2 of the year

So yesterday I ran in the Philadelphia Distance Run. This is my second half marathon in 3 weeks and last race before the big one on November 7. Could not ask for better weather....Ivan the terrible cleared out Saturday night and in came a cold front. When I woke up around 5:30 it was probably in the low to mid 50s....perfect running weather.

Ended up sleeping at my parents house instead of the hotel because the TNT hotel got switched. My mom is a coach and I could have stayed but they ended up switching from the Mariott (right next to the starting line) to a Best Western which best resembled a dive. Turns out there was some wedding party there causing chaos until 4am!

So my dad was supposed to pace me in this race so I could get around 1:45:00 but he pulled a muscle. So instead he was the chaffeur and cheerleader:) Stopped for my usual pre-race snack: peanut butter on bread (bagel this time). Nothing like ordering that at the local bagel place at 6am...the guy looked at me like I was nuts:P

Got down to Philly around 10 of 7 and parked. Ended up running 2-3 miles pre-race since my training run should be 18-20 this week. 1/2 marathon only gets me 13.1....haha! Let me tell you that you get some real odd looks when people realize you're doing the 1/2 marathon and running prior!

Lined up around 7:50 for the 8am race. Went between the 7:30-8 min mile runners because people LIE. I made the mistake of lining up close to 9 min mile and ended up being bombarded by the walkers! Nothing against the walkers but if you're not going to be doing the pace, then go where you're supposed to! You're only causing chances of injury by lining up incorrectly. The first couple miles were "junk" due to the crowding of people so I was close to 9:30 pace...so freakin slow! At that point I knew i was in trouble to get 1:45 which is disappointing but hey leaves me something to stride for! The third mile I ran closer to an 8:15 mile to make up some lost time but I didn't want to overdo it to try and beat a time knowing the marathon is a measly 7 weeks away. At this point my main goal was to beat the Manhattan half time. 8.4 of the miles were along the Kelly Drive and park. I was hitting between 8:30-8:45 miles and still not going all out. My dad, whom was cheerleading, even said I looked very relaxed. I wouldn't say relaxed as in walk in the park, but I definitely wasn't feeling wiped out. A good crisp run. When I exited the park and passed my mom (cheerleading for TNT) I started to turn on the jets...this was at the 12 mile mark...so I figured why not test it out for the last 1.1 miles. Ended up getting close to an 8:10 mile for that last one....way too much left in the tank if I can run that at the end! Ended up running about 1:52:00 which is good for an 8:35 pace...which is ok. This beat my Manhattan half time by almost 4 minutes. All I can ask for right? I also realize that this is all the more impressive considering I started running seriously 6 months ago?

I've started to think about future goals That is definitely no cake walk...26.2 miles is a helluva lot! As far as the first marathon, finishing first and foremost. My expectation is to hit around 4hours....so my guess is 4hrs to 4hrs 10 mins. We'll see right?

Philadelphia Distance Run
Penn State Labor Day weekend

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