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Bridges Runner

Marathon madness

Marathon madness

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We're really getting down to it now...almost down to counting days...almost. 5 weeks from Sunday;0) Anyway, this weekend I'll be taking the tour of Manhattan via foot...20 mile training run. Let's see...looks like I have a couple more goals to look ahead to in 2005. Probably looking at doing the Empire State Building run up and I've signed up with my mom for the More Marathon on APril 10, 2005. It's a marathon for women over 40 but you can sign up with someone over 40 and run 1/2. So my mom wanted to do the race with me:0) Should be neat.

That's enough running update I suppose. Most of you out there are probably rolling your eyes at my addiction to writing about this;0)

Let's see.

The holiday happened. I fasted. Thrilling right? Made Apple crisp and Sour cream coffee cake as desserts:)

Apple Pucker + Butter Shots = yum!

Saw a play last night. Reminded me why New York is so great. You can really see and experience a lot of things you probably wouldn't elsewhere!

Jeanne came and did her 4 inches of rain thing again. 11.38 inches of rain this month...>_< Supposed to get like 4!

Debate #1 tonight. If this isn't prefabricated I don't know what is. How can you make so many damn rules? How is this even a debate? You don't have to have much neurons to realize who is making the rules... I hope the issue of 35 children killed in the Baghdad car bomb comes up...how is this a safer and better Iraq? Are things really that much better? Interesting to see reports of security people saying things are WORSE than a year ago there. Rest assured we'll get spoonfed the "we need to be strong and stay the course" bullshit. I'm sick of it. How this man can be leading is beyond me...considering the rest of the world is so anti it's not even funny. ::steps off soap box::

Eagles are 3-0:0) Hopefully this keeps up!

Ok back to work.
  • Some interesting information you might like to know. I was listing to to a radio program on WMMR coming home from work this afternoon when the DJ talked about a poll he just learned of.

    Seems europe was given a pretty conclusive poll on "If you were allowed to vote for the President of the US, who would you vote for?" The results were downright laughable.

    Europe voted about 75% for Kerry, nearly 7% for Bush. The rest for undecided.
    In Britain, our major ally, 54% would vote for Kerry, 4% for Bush.
    There was however one country that voted for Bush. Poland. My girlfriend is cringing in shame this evening.

    If you ever come across this poll please let me know. But thought you might like the findings. :)
    • this is it


      You must be referring to this poll. I must say that the debate had me happy to see that Kerry has a plan of attack. I think they are clever in not giving out everything so that the Bush team can attack. Kerry has everything to gain and Bush everything to lose in debates.

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