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My run around the island

This is what I did while many of you were sleeping....

As for distance...I think it was 24-25 miles instead of 20...whoops!

This island is larger than you think;0)

An Update: 10/04/04
Sooo the big run.

Saturday morning I woke up and called my running buddy to arrange to meet at Central Park. She said OK I'll be there...and I left my apartment to meet her. I got there about 10 mins later and waited...and waited...and waited. I waited a good 20 minutes and there was no sign of her! This is crazy because she is so dependable. I guessed that she probably had something come up or whatever...and just wasn't going to show. I didn't have my cell phone with me because I'll be damned if I'm running 3 hours or so with a cell phone. Not to worry though I had ID, money, metrocard! Anyway, after waiting ~20 minutes I decided to start my run. I was going to run home to get my ipod but thought I'd rather just get going then take a chance of not going back out!

So you saw my route. Ran through the park which was nothing special...I was happy to get the chance to exit the park and adventure a bit rather than the same ole' route...3x around plus a lap of the resovoir:/ So I get to the other side of the park at around 102nd Street and head west to the Hudson River path. Interesting neighborhood to cross through. Saw people coming home from the night before and naturally people talking really loudly on cell phones. It's one thing when there are a zillion cars but when it's that early is it really necessary to be so loud? I don't care about your conversation:p I also see them setting up some kind of festival. Not sure what it was.

I get to the Hudson River path and there is no one around! I just continue running and finally get to around the boat basin where civilization returns. I just kept running...and running...and running! Saw some interesting things along the path...like the Trapeze school and a miniture golf place:p Also ran past some Breast Cancer walk. There were so many walkers...it was kind of difficult since i was going the opposite way. But hey I needed to get where I was going:P I get down to Battery Park City and what a view! It was awesome to see Lady Liberty. It's that type of stuff that makes all this running worth it too...just the ability to see and experience things you otherwise may not. Around this area a lot of joggers were out too and they were pretty friendly. Got a lot of good mornings and have a good run, etc. When I got to the tip of the island I stopped at a water fountain and had my energy snack I had brought along. Energy snack = Sharkies (basically a whole lot of sugar!). Then I continue my trek to the east side of the island.

I ran through South Street Seaport and continued to head uptown till I hit City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge. Ran across the Brooklyn Bridge and back (I hit 2 boroughs;). I was going to run back across the Manhattan bridge but I wasn't positive there was a pedestrian pathway and I was by myself. The view of Manhattan running across the bridge is absolutely magnificiant. Soemthing I highly recommend even if you just walk across the bridge. The skyline almost has that fake appearance...like some kind of movie or something. You also can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. So I get across the bridge and start zig zagging back uptown. Ran through Chinatown and Little Italy. I could smell the brunch being made and all the good stuff! Man does that make you hungry;0) Ran up Mulberry Street and eventually hit Union Square. At this point I started to head east and ran around Grammercy Park ( a little dinky green spot in the middle of Manhattan). This portion of the run was a bit anxious...had to avoid getting hit by cars not to mention the pedestricians. I think they should have a class on how to walk. I didn't have headphones on and I'd try to say "to your left" or something to notify to move out of the way please. Oh well. I got to around 57th Street and headed further East. Soon the East River path would approach. At this particular point, there was a girl that had just started to run and was trying to "impress" me or something. I was a bit faster but she was trying to run faster than me. Damn competitive juices but I left her in the dust. This included a point where I tried to stop for a quick sip of water on the path (note: it didn't even have water pressure!). I can't help it. I'm competitive. Finally got to 88th Street and wow did that feel good.

Got home and had something like 7 messages on my phone from my running partner. She was saying how she had waited then ran to my apartment. Called the police, etc. Oye vey. Called her right away to square things up and tell her I was fine! SHe just couldn't believe I ran 20 miles by myself. Frankly, neither can I. We both apologized for the misunderstanding.

My excitement from this is I ran without the adrenaline of a race and still felt OK. I know I can do this marathon...and I can't wait! It's going to be awesome:0)

Saturday night went to watch the PSU game at a bar with a lot of other alums. Ended up getting a phone number:0) And to think I almost didn't go because I was tired...

Sunday did a little 3.5 miler and ended up getting out to Costco and Fairway on 125th St. The Costco in NJ is stupid. They have blue laws there that don't allow you to buy non-essential items on Sunday. I kid you not. So much for separation of church and state. So if you want to buy an iron? Nope. How about a chair? Nope. Pretty much anything unedible was off limits. Got home and made Tiliapia for dinner with some steamed asparagus. I also prepared to make the chili. Had everything set so I could throw it in the crockpot in the AM and allow it to cook all day (right now). So I'm hoping it turns out yummy. Never tried using the crockpot for this but worth a shot right?

So that brings you up to date. Oh and a happy birthday goes out to my dad.

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