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A real update...

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So an update. I would normally be running now but....as I was walking
to the gym to drop my stuff off and I called my running partner, she
cancelled on me:0( I am definitely not up for running in the dark in
Central Park alone....it may be a safe "big city" but it only takes
one idiot:-/ Anyway, I had to come back to change if I wanted to go to
the gym and at that point I would have gotten less than a half hour of
gym time. Basically it would be a waste. So alas here I am!

So where were we....
Oh yes. 20 days. Every day that passes I start to get a little more
nervous. I know I've trained incredibly hard for this marathon but it
still is quite an unbelievable task ahead of me. Who says "I want to
run 26.2 miles."? Apparently, I do:p I did my last 20 mile training
run this past weekend. Pretty much the same route minus the bridge
business. I wanted to stick to 20 not to mention the wind guests were
like 30mph...not a lot of fun to be on a bridge:p Along the west side,
I think my running buddies thought I was going to get blown away by
the wind. The worst was when we hit the portion right by the
helicopter pad. At that point one was taking off so we not only got
the mother nature wind but also helicopter wind. I thought I was going
backwards:p One of my friends turned around to make sure the
helicopter hadn't blown me away;0) Overall a very tough run on the
west side but the east side surprisingly had little to no wind. Some
memorable portions of the run: the lady in BPC that asked me if I was
crazy and cold because I was wearing shorts while everyone else was
bundled up for winter, the moron that tried to sell us gatorade for 3
bucks (it better have gold in it;0)), wearing the nike shirt and
seeing at least 20 other people (including one of the people I run
with) wearing it, complaining like old ladies:p, my friend's hand to
stop traffic...see what you're missing?;0) It seriously is a good time
and it really teaches you a lot about dedication and aspiring to
achieve a goal.

So what else. Work. Shit LOADS of it. Last week I had to work all day
on Sunday in Brooklyn to survey an existing courthouse. While it was
not much fun to lose a weekend day, at least I get paid! The weather
was pretty crappy too. Ended up getting 8 hours of OT on Sunday and
walking across teh Brooklyn Bridge after...so all was not lost:)
Worked half of Monday in Brooklyn as well so I got free lunch out of
that...yay for pecan crusted chicken salad at Fridays (which also
provided lunch on Tuesday!). The rest of the week was project
madness...remember how in school you'd hav eprojects and wouldn't work
on them till the week they were due? Yeah, that was this:p Whomever
said work is different, it isn't. It's the same deal. Crunch time and
you find a way to get it done. Ended up with another 4 or 5 hours of
OT...mmm big paycheck! Got kudos from the boss for a job well done so
fingers crossed that it did come out well! Also, I had to learn a
whole new computer program to show my work on...more of a unix based
one called microstation. Supposedly others got trained but our
department was not worthy so I did the learn as I go approach. By the
end of the week I had people coming to me asking questions about
Microstation! Woohoo!

So the weekend was nice. A well deserved break from work. My boss had
actually asked if I wanted to go to a dinner/dance thing (lots of
other work people going) but I really didn't want to go and I also had
plans for Friday evening:0) Went out for drinks Friday evening with
some friends and things went very well;0) I went to a bar called
Camielle's Apartment (or something like that?). It's in Grand
Central...pretty cool place. Good drinks even though pricey...but
things aren't so bad when someone else pays for you;0) That's all I'll
say about that!

Saturday was the long run. In the evening met up with Carrie from PSU.
I hadn't seen her in a while and she is doing well. We went out to
dinner and just caught up for a while. After I ended up heading home
because of pure exhaustion. 20 miles catches up to you quickly!
Watched the Yankee killing and baked some brownies:p

Sunday I finally finished the subway reading book I had. Nothing of
worthy value but kept me entertained on the subway. Ran 5 miles as a
recovery run:p Yes, I realize I just said recovery but I really do
feel better with a run after a long run. It's odd. Shopped in the
afternoon and bought a pair of knee high boots for skirts:0) Yay for
on sale at L&T! Made Chicken Stew for dinner and finally did
laundry....3 loads>_< Working last Sunday threw my whole routine
off....I really do just follow a certain schedule!

So I just saw the Sox won...well at least they won't get swept:p

So there you have it...an update for those that care! And now it's
time for another lovely work week.

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