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Bridges Runner

A brief update

A brief update

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Marathon is over. So now life is life. It's weird not running 20 miles on a weekend or something crazy like that.

So my life via bullet points because I'm lazy:

  • Going to DC at the end of the week for work. Staying the weekend and not working aka visiting friends. Mon/Tues more work. Wed up to Philly for Tgiving. No NYC for almost a week and a half!!

  • Saw the Rockettes on Saturday. Fun show even with the Christmas stuff everywhere...so festive!

  • Being sick sucks but definitely a good thing to have built a much more stronger immune system to fight it off

  • Hooray to me for being able to negotiate a great deal for my cable and will be paying $50 less for the next 6 months....$40 less for 6 months after

  • Random occurances from watching the Eagles DESTROY the Cowboys:
    1. Bartender says I look like Jennifer Connelly. Funny part of this is my friend and I had no clue who that was when this was mentioned. FYI: She was the wife in A Beautiful Mind. I do not see a resemblance but hey whatever;0)
    2. While eating wings/drinking beer/watching Eagles destruction of Dallas with above said friend, a guy that was with a group of 3 comes over and asks if I am dating my friend for over 6 months. This is before many have had a lot to drink! The girl bartender comes over after I say no (guy apologizes and says he assumed since I was watching sports and girl bartender says "I knew it. I told those guys there was no way." When I asked why, she said that when we were ordering my friend asked what I wanted and had I been dating him he would have known right away. I guess you had to be there but I found it very odd and random.

  • Apparently my roommate is running the Boston Marathon in April via non qualifying method....very hard course. No FULL marathons for me till next fall.

  • Studying for a certification over the winter. bah.

  • THe end.
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