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So since there is a few minutes, I'll take that time to update. yay. It's Thanksgiving break again....how insane is that?

So a lot has happened in the past couple weeks. Work had me traveling down to DC which was cool. This allowed me to take a detour and visit kenkomachi for the weekend. Thursday I had to work until around 8:30 to get a project done...this time I got one person to stay and help me finish! Had to drag a boatload of drawings and a laptop home since my boss was meeting me in DC. The one nice thing was my flight was at 11 so I got the morning to get a few things done. I had originally thought I'd be gone till after Tgiving so I did little odds and ends...like going to the bank and buying kenkomachi a little something for allowing me to stay with her! So my trip to the airport was eventful...flight is at 11. It's domestic so I don't need a lot of time but I hate unnecessary stress. I decide I'll leave around 930 to LaGuardia which should leave me MORE than enough time. Well turns out there's no cabs to be found! Finally a "gypsy" driver stops and offers to take me for $25 total. Great, right? Well not so great when the guy takes you up to the Queensborough bridge and the one level is closed! I had asked him why we didn't go via Triboro and that I didn't mind paying the toll but he insisted there was traffic ::sigh::. I think I may have run faster over the bridge during the marathon than in the stupid car...at least I was not on a meter! Finally got to the airport around 10:15. Flight down to DC and did work for the day. Got to run around important DC building and see lots of cool stuff that you don't:p nanananana!

Around 8:30 my boss said he was tired and done for the night. This meant I get weeeeeeeeeekend! woohoo! Metro'd it out to kenkomachi in Fairfax. She hadn't eaten dinner yet so I went with her and Chris to a Japanese place for dinner. Shared a chicken dish and I had some miso soup. After dinner pretty much crashed...it had been a long ass day for me!

Saturday got up and we took one of Chris' friends out for his birthday for Dim Sum. Got a phone call from work midway through the meal and found out I had to do work on the weekend:0( Fortunately I still had the laptop that allowed me to get into the VPN....or unfortunately! After lunch we headed to Chris' friends place to hang out since it was a really crappy day out;_; Played a lot of DDR which was cool...I actually am getting better! Also played the karoke game for the first time...not quitting my day job!! However, at least there are people that are worse off than me at singing...yay! Made some dinner and just chilled the rest of the night.

Sunday did a bit of shopping....Target, DSW (yay! and they just opened one in NYC!). Then headed to Dave and Busters over at the White Flynt Mall to watch the Eagles destroy the Redskins:0) Wore my Eagles garb and needless to say not many people cared...I remember those days all too well when the Eagles stunk. Saw Brian which was cool...tried to call a few other people I knew down there but they were out of town ::ahem::. Ended up hanging out the rest of the night and bitching about the fact that work called the next day. ;_;

kenkomachi drove me to the metro station Monday around lunchtime so I could get to work at important building in DC. Very tough day....hard work but got EVERYTHING done survey wise. The plan was that I would spend Tuesday in DC at the hotel working on the drawings since I had the laptop. However, my boss got emails via his blackberry from people in the NY office saying there were urgent deadlines and they needed help. I was pretty pissed because I had booked a train early Wed and done my part to get my deadlines done before I left the office! However, since it was the guy I work with a lot I felt pretty bad to be in DC sitting in pjs working on something not that crucial while well yeah. So while eating dinner I canceled my train ticket and prepared for the day from hell on Tuesday. The one stipulation I told my boss was that I got to run around DC in the morning before leaving to keep any sanity left. I was pretty pissed...because now my day would consist of flying to NYC to work all day and then gong to Philly after work.

Tuesday morning I woke up around 6 and ran for about an hour around the mall and there abouts. It was nice to have a new run but I managed to miss the road to my hotel running around the Capitol so I had to do a second lap:p Set a world record getting ready (read: 20 mins to shower, change, makeup, hair...don't ask what that looked like!). Met my boss in the lobby at 7:50 and headed to National. Took the 9am shuttle to NYC. Got to work around 11. Ran to my machine and immediately started on the deadline. I was able to coordinate everything and it was looking good to be done by 5:30...and then... Naturally when we plot the drawings the settings are off and everything looks like shit. I had worked with this architect before so I knew I could not send this. This is the type of architect that will whine if the font is wrong but could care less about the design. Ended up having to stay till around 7:30 to finish up and finally left. They had tried to talk me into staying for Wednesday but I had the vacation day on the calendar since June! I needed that day to keep me from insanity! Took NJ Transit home which was a mess....so many damn people. Ended up getting really sick to my stomach about 15 mins from my station which stunk.

Wednesday was a HAPPY DAY! Ends up we didn't have to cook Tgiving dinner this year so my mom and I did what any mother/daughter does to bond: girls day out! Started out by going to brunch. Next, headed to Kohls and mega Marshalls. Then we got our nails done follwed by a brief mall visit to get a few things. Not a lot since Black Friday would be the gem of all days. Finished the day with appletinis at home:0)

Thursday morning I woke up to a beautiful day. Went with my dad to run in the Turkey Trot 5 miler. Ended up running 38:30 which is a 7:42 pace...eh. I wanted to get closer to 7 min miles but I think my stomach bug episode took more out of me. Thanksgiving was at my brother's g/f's house in NJ. It was wierd....it felt like walking into my old house and the family was a replica with the exception of it being a sister! Everything worked out great and the food was good. Much different than the last time we went somewhere other than my parents house for Thanksgiving....lets just say the worst and I came home hungry from that dinner.

Friday and Black Friday brought me to King of Prussia! Met my brother's g/f there and ended up shopping till I dropped: Ann Taylor, L&T, Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, etc. Finally had to leave due to having a high school reunion. I didn't really want to go but figured I'd go since I got suckered in by a friend. Ended up realizing how happy I am not to be living here anymore and I had absolutely nothing in common with most of those people anymore. Made me miss NYC even more! I was surprised at how people didn't dress up even though it was "semi formal" attire. I guess that is one thing that has changed...I tend to dress up more when in doubt. Most people were still in the area. I'd say 10% were married. I really don't care to see most of those people ever again...I know that is harsh but yeah... High school was one of those things where you're forced to be friends with certain people and it turns into cliques. Yuck. Now I know the world is full of cliques even now but its not quite as mean...not quite...

Oh yeah another good friend of mine just got engaged. Looks like there's 4 weddings in '06 so far....

I think that's all...today I ran, got my haircut and other odds & ends. Sorry for the boring update. If you made it here, good for you.

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