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Runners know how to party!!

First things first...the race on Thanksgiving....turns out I did better than I thought. I placed 3rd in my age group!!! My parents called over the weekend to tell me that someone dropped off my award:0) YAY! My first placing in a race...hooray for boosting my ego!!

In addition, I've taken the next step towards continuing to strive towards Boston. I've joined a running club...I've already become so damn crazy with the running, may as well find others that are nuts as well, right? I went out for a "test run" on Saturday and it was a lot of fun..very cool and laid back group of people! It turned out they were having a holiday party that night and was invited to attend to meet more of the group. Had a fantastic time...well one tell tell sign is not getting home until after 4AM;0)

Signed up for the 4 mile Holiday run on the 18th....basically as a speed test. I should get between 28-30 minutes. Considering in February I ran a 5K in something like 28-29 mins...not a bad turnaround;0)

I've started studying for my http://www.bicsi.org/Content/Index.aspx?File=rcddoverview.htm">RCDD. I think this may be harder than running the marathon for me;0) Striving to take the test on June 11th so I can be done before the next batch of marathon training...

I hate winter and it hasn't even started yet. Yuck. I think it's this round of weather we're getting...you know when it gets to the point its so bone chilling cold, i'd rather it snow then this awful rain. Sucks the life right out of you!

Well that's enough for tonight...time to head to bed...running tomorrow morning!

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