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Bridges Runner

She lives!

She lives!

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Yes, it's true. I still update this on occasion. I guess I've gotten into that funk of not really feeling like looking at a computer screen after work. So my guess is if I do update, it will be from here. Also, let me take the time to apologize if I haven't been in touch, it really is not personal!

Anyway, it's been two weeks. Two weeks these days could fill up two months for most people. It's good to be busy and enjoying life but just so dang exhausting. I've been working 12 hour days consistantly, holiday parties out the wazoo, and of course my new running social life. I guess I should see this as a good thing...I've been starting to think that I'm finding my niche here. It's funny because many people assume "oh nyc...it must be so easy to adjust." It really isn't...people are in such a hurry to get where they need to be that there is no time to converse. So yeah...last week alone I had 4 holiday parties! It's not easy....it really isn't! I actually didn't see my roommate at all last week because the earliest I got home was 11 every night pretty much..heh. Not to worry I still managed to drag myself out of bed to the gym every morning. Oiiii...

Let's see...this weekend was decent. I ran race #14 of the year on Saturday....4 mile jog around the park. Ended up doing my fastest recorded 4 miles thus far with a 7:45 pace....pretty good but I can do better. Had brunch with the 'Dogs...aka my new running group. Inquire if you want info;0) We're always looking for new recruits so if you want to be crazy like me.... Met up with roomie #1 for the first time in a long time...wow I think 3 months??? Tempus fugit I tell you! Jets game on Sunday and ended up with my hands turning yellow because it was so COLD:(

Other than that, can't think of much else and plus I gotta get back to it....till next time...
  • i would never thing nyc as a place to quickly adjust to. quite to opposite since there is so much stuff and where to go and what to do can be such a problem. glad to hear that the running is going well. though i understand your pain with the 12 hr work days. just be glad you aren't pulling those hours on a stipend despite being in the lab for 15 hrs @_@.

    either way happy holidays!
    • Thanks for the holiday wishes! Sounds like things are busy with you too:0) Stay well and keep in touch:0)
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