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Here I go....

Wow...has it really been a week and a half again?  Another year is here...and it's more of where I left off with '04.  It's funny how a new year feels now....it used to be such a big deal when I was younger...but now it's kind of "ho hum...I have to remember to write the correct date now." Anyway, life has been good. 

So spent my second New Years in NYC.  I definitely enjoyed the fact that there was none of the stresses I had a year ago.  The big stress this year was which party to go to!  I ended up going to a friend's (roomie #1) party that had told me about it first.  Not sure why everyone feels the need to not plan a thing until the last possible second for New Years but that's the way it is.  Party was pretty fun....lots of chocolate and of course booz, booz, and more booz!  I had a pretty decent time...and of course saw the ball drop on TV. It was a bit sad that Dick Clark wasn't the announcer but I'm sure he'll be back next year...just please no Regis!  Anyway, hung out there until around 2 or so....before heading out.  One of the people I met at the party asked if I wanted to chill at a diner or something before heading home....and I figured why not. So ended up back on the UES at a diner making fun of the ridiculously drunk people:0)

New Years Day I woke up and had run #1 of the year with the 'Dogs.  Remarkably a great turnout...between 60 degree weather and a 11:00 start....around 20 people came out!  Had a nice run followed by brunch at a guy's house.  He had a huge duplex thanks to subsidized housing;0)  Nothing like a homecooked brunch followed by chilling on the deck! 

Let's see...work is work.  I threw $70 on the city streets....well not for real but I lost my damn monthly metro card.  VERY annoying.  Unfortunately I can't do the thing to get reimbursed since it is paid with transit checks:0(  *sigh* The gym is packed with the people that will go because they made resolutions...give it 2 weeks.

I attended my first speed workout.  Naturally it ended up being cold and snowy but a lot of fun.  A good way to end a tough day, ya know?

Current roommate is not going to be running the Boston marathon after all.  Turns out her kids she teaches having testing that day and she thinks she may have a stress fracture.  Unfortunately this does not surprise me.  She had told me that she was running a marathon in October and just started to run seriously in November....I tend to think the body was not ready for the stress of marathon mileage so quick.  Not my call though...hopefully she plays it smart...one thing I do know is stress fractures are nothing to mess around with. 

This weekend I ended up seeing the Adam Sandler movie on Friday night.  It was horrible...long winded and not worth a minute of your time.  I did eat at a good Tapas place down in Tribeca though...can't remember the place but well worth it.  Woke up on Saturday to POURING rain.  I was pondering whether or not to go running with the club but I figured if I ran in snow, why not?  I ended up running the 6 mi loop in the rain.  Not a pleasant experience.  I think it is the worst running weather...that cold rain that hits right down to the bones.  Did some other stuff over the weekend but took today to let my body rest.  Feeling a bit icky but I think having a day off from exercise and just everything will be a very good thing.

That's all for now....

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