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Bridges Runner

Let it snow?

Let it snow?

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I suppose if it's going to be this miserably cold, it may as well snow.  And if it's giong to snow, it may as well snow hardcore.  Looks like a blizzard warning is in effect for tomorrow into Sunday with 12-15 inches expected in NYC.  

Naturally my parents are on vacation this week in the Carribbean...and today my cell phone rings at work and I notice its my mom.  I'm worried something is wrong because she's supposed to be somewhere away in a warm zone.  No, she called to rub it in....75 and sunny in Key West.  I break the news that we have had temperatures hovering around 20 for the week and a huge snowstorm is about to hit. Talk about timing...

I can't wait to run in this weather tomorrow:0) Then of course its baking time! What else does one do in weather like this?

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