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I am just a piece of an island....

So no update again for eons.  This island has a way of taking hold of you and not letting its grip off of you.  It's that powerful! It's a good thing though;0)  Let's see the snowstorm came and did its thing a few weeks ago.  Before it hit, I ran in 8 degree weather...the literal temperature!  That's hardcore, and numbing...it was so cold frost was building on everyone's hat by the end.  Now that's hardcore....or stupid.  Probably stupid but hey one isn't exactly sound in wanting to run 26 miles 385 yards as fast as possible!

So the storm hits and that's when memories of being back in the dorms at college hits.  One of my neighbors came over and asked if we wanted to have a potluck dinner and hang out type of night since everyone was staying in.  I ended up making chocolate cupcakes and we had chicken, greenbeans and mixed salad for dinner.  Wine was provided.  A general fun night....even ended up recruiting a couple more people to my running club!

I saw Million Dollar Baby.  All I have to say is WOW.  It was very well done and just  had such a powerful effect.  Words can't do this justice...if you want to see a good movie, well worth it.  It's a boxing movie but there is so much more behind it.

No jury duty for me this month.  Too many deliverables at work and not enough time to do it in so I've postponed my date with justice until June.  I'm sure it'll be the same scenario then but I really have no choice at that point.  So no midweek break from work for me...

Speaking of work.  The work load is getting to absolutely ridiculous levels.  Getting home before 7:30 is becoming getting home "early."  That has got to change.

Social life is still good.  I think the postcard I picked up one Saturday, you know the ones that are silly and free at bars or whatever, said "Get off your butt and be more social in 2005."  I'm doing so.  I've already met so many people via running group and just various avenues.  A good thing if I may so myself.  Last night, even in my worn out condition, I went out to Proof to watch the UNC/Dook game.  No, Dook is not a misprint.  That is the way it is if you are a UNC fan which I may say I am now....well I better be right;0)  Good game overall but very anticlimatic.  How the heck do you not get a shot off with 18 seconds to go??? Bah.

Ran my first race of the season this past Sunday.  The Gridiron 5K.  I ran a 23:17 which is good for a 7:30 pace.  Not too bad....but the first mile killed me with the "Berlin Wall" of people blocking me.  My first mile was 8 minutes.  Not good....but it gives me a decent first race.  February 19th I am running in the Cherry Tree 10 mile 3 person Relay.  My team is called Team Whippet.  We shall rock the roads of Prospect Park!

Other good things have been happening but that shall remain to those that I feel proper to talk to...which would not be the whole LJ community. ;0)

Oh and not to worry...the Eagles will be back....there's always next year.  A tune that I have become all to familar with as a Philadelphia fan....


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