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On the road again...

Have I mentioned I am ridiculous? Spontaneous? Idiotic? All the above?  Case in point.

Today at work things are moving along.  Getting another deliverable ready to go out the door Monday morning....free lunch for getting that awful project from you know where out.....writing a letter to the owner telling them that if they Demo everything as is now they will knock out telephone service to 5 buildings...you know the usual;0)  Anyway, around 4:30 I'm getting ready to wrap up and head home a little early.....

And then the project from you know where returns and rears its ugly head once more.  This time the project manager comes to me and asks if I would like to spend the weekend in DC.  I was all ?????  Turns out architect whom will remain nameless can't plot the drawings in DC and we have to bring them down there.  Why? Information that I cannot tell you or I may have to kill you...kidding!  So I thought...hmmm I haven't seen kenkomachi in a couple months.  I end up calling her and turns out she'll be in town this weekend:0)  So I say yes to do the deeed but under my conditions.  I am running tomorrow morning in Central Park during the unveiling of the Gates.  I am driving around 2 so I can go to brunch and shower/change before heading to DC. 

So ends up I will be driving down but flying back....Sunday evening.  Only to return and do the whole fun work thing again MOnday.  What the hell am I doing???

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