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Snow Day

Today I was fortunate enough to have the day off...no it really was not due to the snow.  My place of employment actually gives us off for President's Day.  Yay!

Between now and last Friday's post I've been working/sleeping/eating/running.  That's about it.  Last Saturday I woke up and ran with The Reservoir Dogs.  Had the usual brunch at the Barking Dog....(highly recommend the wild mushroom omelet!).  And then it was time for the drive.  Keep in mind I had never driven in NYC before, nor the beltway.  I also had not driven in a LONG time.  Picked up my rental car which was a Ford Taurus for you car gurus.  Drove to the office in midtown which was a biaaaatch.  Second Avenue was shutdown due to a fire so it clogged up the other avenues. Not fun! I did survive as is evident of this post.  The drive down was pretty uneventful...I sang along to my iPOD (thanks to a coworker that let me borrow the thing to hook up my iPOD to the car).When I got in DC, that's when I got a little lost.  I wasn't familar with the structure so I drove right past K Street...whoops.  DC is one of those towns that turns shady real fast./...and that's what happened:p  I ended up calling the person I was meeting to deliver the drawings and he directed me to the office. Fortunately the person that met me realized we saved them big times and thanked me up and down three zillion times. 

After that was done, I gave kenkomachi a call to let her know I was on my way out to VA.  Drove out to Fairfax without any issues.  Ended upgoing to dinner with Amy and Adam at TGIF.  It felt good to actually relax and be free of work.  Ended up crashing out on the couch pretty early that night....I don't think it had anything to do with running 6 miles and driving almost 300 miles. Nah.

Sunday we ended up doing a little shopping.  Always love a good trip to Target;0)  Went to Panera for lunch which brought back memories of PSU.  They even had Chicken Chili!!!!  Hung out some more before catching a quick dinner before I drove to the airport to head back to NYC.  I missed the exit off the Beltway so I ended up crossing the stateline back into MD...at which point I knew something wasn't right. Amy helped out and eventually I ended up at National Airport.  Caught the 8PM Shuttle to La Guardia....home by 9:30PM. 

Work week summed up. Worked till at least 7 everyday...usually 8 or 9PM.  Got kind of delirious by the end of the week.  Ran out of work at 5:30 on Friday.  Oh yeah and I started my early day runs with a group of people from my running group...try 6AM at the park.  That means I'm up at 5:10AM. 

Had a race on Saturday morning in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. It was the Cherry Tree 10 Mile Relay.  I had a great team of Adam and Sempre Libera.  It was cold as *(&$(*$% but fun nonetheless.  I just remember the first mile being real fast and I probably ran around 6:45 first mile.  Then the second mile was a GIANT hill.  Pictures can be seen here

Yesterday my parents came to visit for the day which was cool.  We ran the loop in Central Park.  I couldnt' believe it but my dad had never run in Central Park with the exception of the tiny bit in the NYC Marathon.  Had brunch at the Barking Dog with Susan....(sad news: She's moving to North Carolina next year;_;).  Cruised the Guggenheim Museum which was nothing spectacular at all.  They ended up leaving around 4 so they could beat the storm...turns out it took them almost 4 hours to drive home>_<

Today was relaxing. No work=good.  I checked out the Gates in Central Park since they were covered in snow.  It actually made the display pretty impressive.  Check out the pictures here.  Other than that I got laundry done and got most of my taxes done. 

Some other big news has occurred but I gotta keep it under the wraps for a bit...unless you talk to me;0)  It's VERY good news though...so don't worry!</font>

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