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Bridges Runner

public transportation blunders

public transportation blunders

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Today I was reminded why the East Side can be a major problem as far as public transportation is concerned. I was heading off to the subway just like any other day...ho hum. I get to the subway and I notice a lot more people coming out, than going in the station. Not that my area doesn't have a lot of people wandering around, but when you see people in their suits and such grumbling as they come out...not a good sign.

I ask and someone grumbles "no service. no power." Oiii. So immediately I start hiking west to 5th avenue hoping to catch a bus before it gets too crowded. Called work to notify I may be a tad late. Did get a bus and actually got here around 8:40...not too bad!


Who says we don't need a 2nd ave subway???
  • And its still messed up (at least the downtown part is...) *sigh* Guess I'm taking the R
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