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To be fast you need to be competitive....

It's true.  I could sense that as I ran the Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon yesterday.  The original plan was to stick to a 9:00-9:30 pace because I thought that would be easy for me and a good long training run.  Ha...I ran the first mile with a group of other'Dogs that planned to take it easy as well. As I was running I noticed someone from my club team ahead of me by a lot...that bothered me.  I ended up breaking up from my group and found a pace more comfortable for me.  I realized the first mile was close to 9:30-9:45! I haven't run that slow since....well I was running a marathon;0)  From that point the only thing that mattered to me is to beat 2hrs....for some reason that's a number I don't want to see.  As mile after mile went by, I started to shave a lot of time off.  I ended up catching up to my team member that was at least 3 or 4 mins ahead of me around mile 7.  I ended up easily crossing the line in a time of 1:55:02...an 8:46 pace.  I had so much energy left that I actually was able to sprint the last 400m.  It amazes me in how just a few short months I've gained that much. My next race is the More Marathon which I'm doing the 1/2 marathon with my mom:0) That's just another training run as well.  The REAL race is May 1....Broad Street Run in Philly.  I plan to race that one hard.  After talking with my dad, I'm working towards a 1:15:00-1:20:00.

I've definitely gained the insight on becoming a better runner.
First, not every race needs to be run like its your last.  You need to respect the fact that your body needs to train and wants to take a natural progression.  I've also learned to respect distance.  I've seen too many people say "oh I can just do that" since he/she did it. It doesn't matter, you may do it, but it may not be an enjoyable experience without training.  Distance is to be respected or it will haunt you.  It's just done wonders for me...mentally I've never been stronger.  You get that sense nothing is impossible.

Other than that, the big news of the weekend is regarding my brother.  He is engaged!!!! I'm so excited for him.  Memorial Day weekend 2006...I'll be busy;0)

The NCAAs have begun again. As usual the brackets are going to crap in the first weekend:p However, please cheer for UW-Milwaukee! The coach, Bruce Pearl, is my cousin. I am not kidding on this one:0)

I'm heading down to DC today for work but I'll get to see kenkomachi:0) 


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