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Bridges Runner

Just like when I was 5....I have a boo boo

Just like when I was 5....I have a boo boo

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My knee looks like it anyway. My ways of being a klutz have continued even as I approach the age of 25. Yesterday I was in Washington DC for work again...doing a survey at a pretty important governement building;0) Anyway, I ended up going to DC Sunday evening so of course I brought running clothes for a morning run. I get up around 6:50AM to go for my run...change and head out. I'm running towards the Mall when all of a sudden...I trip over something and go flying....end up falling on the sidewalk...right knee skidding along the way! Not a good situation. My first thoughts: "Shit, I hope I didn't rip my running tights!" Once I realized the tights didn't rip, I took a peek at my knee to make sure it was still there....saw it was bleeding a bit and my hands were actually not cut up:) Someone on the street turned around to make sure I was ok....although I was really embarrassed more than anything else I continued onward and ended up running 4 miles..... This is exactly why I don't do bike riding or anything that would involve more coordination....it just would be ugly.

Status today: Starting to scab up....and hurts like anything. I hated these boo boos when I was 5 and still hate them now.

Moral of the story: Stay on your feet.

Thanks to kenkomachi for meeting me for dinner on Sunday night:0)
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