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Bridges Runner

I should have just stayed in bed....

I should have just stayed in bed....

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It is raining cats and dogs out and I forgot my lunch so I had to go out to grab something. While crossing the street, I had the right of way mind you, a bike messenger comes out of nowhere and hits me! I now have a middle finger that appears to be blowing up by the minute and an imprint of the tire on the back of my left leg...

Just greeeeeeat.
  • ugh! Sorry to hear about your accident. Some people have no courtesey!
  • i hope you feel better soon, just sit lay in bed and get all the attention, that'll make you feel better lol, oh and have loads fo chocloate.
    • Oh I would...but unfortunately I am still at work:(
      • all of your colleagues should give you loads of attention and loads of presents, ooh that sounds good, i would do it, except i dont want to be hit by a bike, sounds a bit painful. feel better soon x x x
  • you should be able to run him down and beat his ass!
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    • Haha no...I looked before crossing even with the right of way....I know those aholes don't do anything right:p It's too bad I didn't have an umbrella with a sharp end....i hear they do damage to tires...
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