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Bridges Runner

From here to there

From here to there

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It seems lately I have not spending much time in the city.  I seem to think that spring comes and everyone comes out of hibernation.  Busy is good so I can't complain really;0)

So a couple weeks ago I was in DC to visit ms. kenkomachi...minus work this time!  The weather was crap but at least I got to see a bunch of people. I even ran a 5K in the city in 40mph wind gusts! The last half of the race was although I was running backwards.

Last weekend the family was in town.  I ran another 1/2 marathon in Central Park with my mom this past Sunday (More Marathon).  Excellent weekend overall...just plain exhausting!  I was in the city but didn't get to do what I needed to do:p

This weekend is my only weekend in NYC for the next month!  I don't have much of a plan except for a party Saturday night...I'm kind of looking forward to not having plans. 

Just wanted to write and let everyone know yes I'm still alive./..just super busy!  I'm off to Washington DC again today for work to attend meetings all day...boo.  Perhaps I will finally see the Cherry Blossoms though?
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