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The warm weather...

...can bring the worst out on the streets. Now that the weather has become nice, all the idiots seem to have made their way out too. The past few weeks has seen a rise in crime it seems. Just the other night there was a mugging in Central Park (Harlem Hills - 8:10PM). This is just one of the reasons I never A) Run alone up there and B) use my ipod while running in the park. The erie part is I just ran this portion of Central Park with my team on Wednesday night. While running our second loop of the Harlem loop, a "pack of teens" was harrassing us but thankfully since it was a big group, they didn't do anything but harrass. Needless to say, I will be staying away from here without others at night time.

Be careful kids. There's a lot of morons to sift through.
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