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Bridges Runner

Softball + face=ouch

Softball + face=ouch

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Note: Faces are not meant to be used to catch softballs!

Last night during the company softball game I took a softball head on right to the face...just below my nose thank goodness and not square in the mouth (otherwise it would have been a bloody mess!). Not to worry, I stayed in the game and continued playing like nothing happened;0)

Face is sore but no broken bones.....defintiely made for good stories in the office;)

Other events from the softball game: Almost an all out brawl, people falling down in the outfield, weird protesters in the outfield in Central Park...

Happy Nurse Day to my mom and any other nurse out there;)
  • ouch! I hope it doesn't hurt too badly!
  • i'll get you a football helmet for your next game ^_^
  • at least you didn't get a black eye like i got last year with PSU IM softball! now that took make-up to cover up.
  • At least you didn't wrench your back picking someone up on a long board or get sprayed with broken glass from a window at a fire.
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