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Bridges Runner

2 years....ah yeah

2 years....ah yeah

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2 years in NYC today...I'll toast to that! Here's to another fabulous year in the best city in the world:0)

Top 10 things from the past year in NYC - no order:
1) Running my FIRST marathon (NYC!!!!!!!!!!)
2) No roommate drama!
3) The Reservoir Dogs
4) Continuing to rise in my job
5) Meeting some good friends
6) Brunch in NYC...yum
7) Running in every kind of weather imagineable...extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, snow, sleet, ice...
8) Not having to move again!
9) Hitting the night spots
10) Knowing the subways like the back of my hand
  • You're living my dream. Upper East Side place and good job. Well not my kind of job but still good. Hope to be there in 4 years. Just got my new place in deepest darkest LI for med school.
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