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Reflections of

Well here we go. I had written a pretty lengthy version before but used the copy command and grr..so yeah another year in the books. A year of ups and downs for sure. But hey who doesn't have that? It's what makes life what it is. Seniordom has arrived whether I like it or not...I'm thinking no like:( I say STAY 21 forever. Who's with me?

This year included Apartment living. That was definitely a great thing. It gave the luxury of a bathroom,kitchen, and living room along with living quarters. It gave a place to go to just chill and get away from it all. Not knowing many people in the apartment complex turned out to be a good thing...definitely helped my GPA go UP UP UP!!! Yeah Deans List!!!

21. I know it sounds superficial but it really improved things for me. It gave me a way of getting out and escaping the real world for a few hours each weekend. While the fall did not have as many opportunities (due to people being youngins), spring definitely fulfilled that:) Let's see...fall brought Erin and the Philly sports marathon...preseason bball at the BJC then off to Chilis for good eating and prt of the Eagles/Giants MNF game. Finished that game down at the Sports Cafe...nothing like rubbing it in a New York sports fan's face:P Then there was lasergirl32 and our friday visitations to the Saloon for some 80s cheese with Velveeta:P We definitely knew how to have a girls night out!! Finally got to hang out with Justin out...at the Crowbar. I think I left with more bruises on my body than people that were attending (there were a lot of people!!!). Nicole and her bar tour...or should I say one bar... Last but certainly not least, going out with Joe and his friends. Taught me a thing or two about the bar scene...and of course Margarita Madness at Chilis:-D What was it...13/16 or something? No not me...that would be Joe:P

Then there was roommate madness with Japan. Amyhere in the fall, gone to Japan in th spring. Maggie in Japan in the fall, roommate in the spring. Craziness. Amy of course is an awesome roommate. We had our random quotes if it was past 11PM and of course who could forget the horrid 8ams with the spinkster. Made me want to become very violent..as a picture of me and the IST 331 book could atest...but yeah. We also could cook up a storm...we took turns cooking and shared our food. It was almost too good to be true! Then January came and it was time for another roommate. Maggie moved in. We had good times. Though we never really home at the same time, we had good times when we were! There were also the rough times...especially that one month period...but I'd say we came out stronger from it (wow that sounded like some cheesy commercial). One thing we all had in common....the bitching on IST courses. At least we knew the other could understand how much it sucks.

Then of course there was the event that defined our generation thus far...September 11th. I think that had to be one of the if not scariest days of life. I mean I had no idea what was going on for a few hours and scrambling to find out that everyone I knew in Washington and New York were ok. I just remember walking in the door after watching the events unfold that terrible Tuesday morning...and just seeing my roommate so sad. It was horrible...nothing I have ever seen before from her...and I really hope she never has to feel like that again. Just something i will never forget...let alone understand...

Other events...
*THON of course...I think my entry before covers that well. Just something I will never ever forget. And I still cannot thank everyone that came to visit me. You guys rule.* *Watching my mom run the Marine Corp Marathon...so cool. *Billy Joel and Elton John at the BJC...glad I found someone that is crazy enough to fork over almost 90 bucks (thanks Nick)...so worth it too...4 hours of great music!
*Rescom...got me money and learned some more stuff about computer...even if I oomplained...it wasn't that bad was it? heh heh
*Watching Silence of the Lambs that one Saturday night with Emily with brownie sundaes. Only other person I could think of that could do something like that would be Amy:P Beware...brownie sundaes this summer when Lord of the Rings comes out:)
*Chattin' with Emily online about how much we miss Amy...it was good to have someone that understood the Amy withdrawal.
*Football games...die hard fan forever!! Who's ready to camp out for the Nebraska game?
*PSU womens bball--ncaa tourney action...entertainment. I think I know which season tickets I'll get:-)
*Meeting Joe...good to meet a guy with some good sense on true sports teams:) Can always trust him for a good conversation about the Eagles and of course Margarita Madness!

Well the year was full of wackiness and fun. I know I didn't even tip the iceberg on people involved in the fun of it. But you know I love you guys:P So with that have a kickass summer...and come visit me!! I'll be up at school being GeoVISTA girl all summer:P

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