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10K Mini in NYC

I ran the 10K Mini in Central Park this morning.  I don't remember such a miserable experience since last August when I ran the Manhattan half (yes worse than the marathon!).  It was so humid (I imagine like running through soup) that you were dripping by the time you got to the start.  The first mile I definitely went out way fast....that's the problem with a nice flat course to begin.  I ran a 7:10 first mile (which would be fine if it were flat but...).  The hills of Harlem killed me today...I ran an 8:19>_<  I ended up with a 49:20...not great but the conditions definitely took at least 2 mins off the usual time.  I literally was shaking at the finish....ugh.

Any others do this race?

The one bright spot: going out to brunch with my team after the race...mmm raisin challah french toast:-D
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