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Bridges Runner

What seems to be a monthly post

What seems to be a monthly post

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Man I've gotten terrible at updating this thing.  Life has just gotten in the way:0)  As you saw in the last post, I bought a new bike.  My dad brought it up yesterday and we ended up biking in Central Park (3 loops).  Let's just say I have not gotten fully adjusted to the clips yet!  Let me tell you that there is no graceful way to take a fall either;-)  My dad got to meet a bunch of people from my team at brunch too.  Pretty cool.

Last week I went to three baseball games...probably the only ones I'll go to all year.  One in Philly (philly vs boston) and two in NYC (phillies vs mets).  One of the mets games involved entertaining clients for the evening which was pretty interesting.  These guys were from Alabama and had never been to New York before.  The subway was an adventure in itself....the usual guy asking for money.  However, this time we got the singing and dancing version....heh.

Saw the movie Crash on Friday.  Excellent flick. Very gutsy for anyone to make that...a lot of points could touch the wrong nerve.  I enjoyed the fact that Sandra Bullock finally played a different role than the usual good cop.  Ended up heading to the coffee shop for a snack after the movie.

Another movie I've seen lately is Batman Begins.  Highly recommend this one too.  Katie Holmes is not good but it doesn't matter since she really has no role in this movie.

Other news: Another sign that I'm getting with the times of being an adult....I bought renter's insurance.  I can't believe I didn't do this sooner but fortunately I didn't have to worry about that.  For those of you out there that are renting, you probably should think about it too:)  It's not expensive and it gives piece of mind (especially if most of the apartment items are yours),

The supreme court.  OI VEY.  This worries me greatly.  Sandra O'Connor was a centrist.   And for once that actually means it.  She didn't have an obvious viewpoint...and it showed in the way she voted.  I truly hope for the sake of our country Bush does not go too far right.  The one saving grace may be the fact taht judges tend to take their job very seriously....and in this case that may be a very good thing!

Tomorrow is July 4th.  The first July 4th spent without kenkomachi in 4 years!  Sad:(  I'll be spending my July 4th by doing the following: running the trails of Tarrytown in the morning with some people from  my running club and then heading to a friend's place for a party/fireworks:)
  • Yo Lis!

    So, you just got renter's insurance?? I got it ASAP as soon as I moved to Topeka, which is just a wee bit smaller and less crim-ridden then NYC :)

    I'm worried about the supreme court too...not because of who retired, but because of who has the power to replace her :( That big-eared shithead is gonna find another way to screw our country!
  • I loved Crash!

    I've heard some pretty bad names in the hat to be her replacement... I've even heard that Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is being considered. Aye.
    • I know. Sadly this guy has no care for our country whatsoever. Worst part is its not even like the Vice President will run for President...so it's kind of like "eh, I can do what I want." Very frightening times.

      Crash was worth the money to go see. Excellent Flick. Highly recommend American History X if you have not seen it...
  • waaah, i wish i could've made it >_< stupid Monday July 4th.
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