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Give me the Power...

So July 4th came and went...almost two weeks ago???? It was a pretty good day overall:) Started out the day up in Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow running the trails with a few members of TRD. It's amazing what a year and a few months of hardcore running does! I love to tackle those hills now...builds absolute character! The nice thing about leaving town is how cheap food is out of the city...got to love scrambled eggs and homefries/toasta for 3 bucks:0)

That night I went to A's apartment up in Harlem. Man it's weird going up there adn boy do I feel out of place up there! Anyway, A made same fantastic Mexican food...real Mexican, not Tex Mex. We had Tostadas and homemade Hummus....it was great! We could sort of see the fireworks from there but the buildings in midtown sort of blocked things. It's ok though...we were entertained by the Harlem version of fireworks...:p I kept joking that A should speak with Bloomberg about removing those buildings in midtown next year:) The night ended in a bit of disappointment as a friend of mine made a decision that I certainly and many others didn't agree with. But what can you do.

Last Friday was my first every other Friday off. Naturally Tropical Storm Cindy's remanants were in the forecast so it stormed all day! I ended up meeting Susan for lunch....she's due next month! I'm so excited for her and can't wait for her to take the new jogger stroller out for a spin:) She seems really happy and it was great to see her!

Last weekend A ran her first half marathon. I was lucky enough to join her and be a part of her first 1/2 marathon experience up in da' Bronx. We ran the entire 13.1 miles together and let me tell you in a blistery 1:54:30...not shabby for a first time:) Yeah she rocks.

Other than that lots of work and running. I'm counting the minutes till I can get out of here....

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