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Double standard...

So I may have started shifting towards the center as far as politics go, but there are still a lot of things that anger me about the Grand Ole' Party....if you can call it that?

I'm not sure how many people have been following but the big thing is trying to find out who leaked the CIA agent's name while under cover.  This is a felony ladies and gentlemen.  It's a big deal...involves national security in some sense.  Sooo....a lot is coming out to show that Karl Rove, Mr. Bush's right hand man, may have been the source of this leak. In addition, there may have been leaks from the Vice President's office.

A few months ago when the story first broke Mr. Bush did his usual "whomever is responsible will face the consequences"...something to that effect.  The usual rhetoric that we should be used to from this incredibly shady administration.  So fine.  Now that Rove may be the source, what does the white house have to say?  Pretty much we've heard that the Democrats are on a witch hunt and it definitely wasn't him.  WTF???  During the Clinton years, the Republicans were on an 8 year witch hunt and had to settle for him having oral sex (note: I'm not saying what he did is right, but rather it really is none of the country's business...).

It scares me that we have over 3 years more of this.  The scariest part is no one is responsible.  With Cheyney and Bush as lameducks (Cheyney won't run in 08), they can just go on with "their agenda."  All I have to say, is I hope we make it through the next 3 years...


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