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Running from Coast to Coast

So this time the carnival stops by my neck of the woods....usually you will find me hanging out in New York City but you happen to have caught me on vacation this week in Cape Cod (not to worry I'm runnin' up here...did the Johnny Kelley 10K road race).....great week to be away it seems too;0)

On Saturday Live to Run-Run to Live ran the 4 mile race in Central Park with a personal best 38:41...way to go! We like to hear PR's:)

The Nike Run Hit Wonder took place this week as well...from coast to coast! The Oregon Crew ran in Portland, Oregon...the whole 5K together! Meanwhile, Denise used the Nike run as a gateway into training for the Nike Half Marathon this Fall in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, back in NYC, the Nike Run Hit Wonder took place this past Wednesday (which yours truly participated in as well!). However, Jennie was a participant as well and discusses how no matter what the heat will never be an easy obstacle...but the music was cool! Meanwhile, Rich ran the Nike run and 3 days later ran the Central Park 4 miler in a personal best 7:04 min/mile..previous best had been 7:42 for a 5k! Way to go Rich! Finally, Rog posts some pictures with the story from the race in Central Park. All in all - a fun race but the heat was stifling!

***UPDATE*** My super BAD...Charles is owed an entry in himself for completing the Lake Placid Ironman this past Sunday! What an unbelievable accomplishment:) WAY TO GO CHARLES! Did you see my friend Riyad out there;0)

Until next week...keep runnin'! For those of you looking at fall marathons...hope you're starting to rev up the mileage (along with the heat?).
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